Ms. O away tomorrow

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a restful long weekend.  My neck has seized up on me and I’ve been nursing it for a few days now.  I’m going to head to the chiro and massage tomorrow in hopes that will help.  Please tell the kids that there will be guest teacher in my place tomorrow who we have not met yet.  I hope they will make her feel welcome and help her out with our routines.


Ms. O

Remembrance Day Service

We have been invited to attend the Remembrance Day Service at the high school this Thursday morning at 9:30.  Many of the elementary classes have attended in the past and I think it will be a great way for the kids to learn more about the significance of Remembrance Day. That being said…there is a war scene showing the trench. As well the soldier and nurse die at the nursing station during the play.  The play is actually around the song “Green Grass of France”  if you’d like to listen to it!  If you are not comfortable with your child attending the play, please let me know asap and I will make alternate arrangements for them:)


Ms. Olafson


Reminders for tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow will be our hot lunch…yay!  I am always relieved as a parent when I don’t have to pack a lunch for my kids:)

I have also invited the kids to wear their pj’s tomorrow as they have worked together to make good choices and have completed their party chain.  They earn paper clips as a class when they are great listeners, workers and friends.  We will be watching a movie in the afternoon for our party.

Enjoy your evening:)

Ms. O


November Learning Update

Here is a peak inside what we have been up to lately…

We are so busy practicing ELA all day, every day through learning about story elements in books so we can create our own stories, making tracks of our thinking in Reader’s Workshop to assist us in our comprehension and ability to retell, Monday journals as a way to communicate back and forth with Ms. O, word study (long vowels) white board brain storm and connecting word pattern, paper and pencil work, word building.

We learn together through the workshop model which incorporates all of our ELA learning goals into our social, science and health outcomes.  We just finished reading, writing and representing our learning about communities and have just selected a topic to guide us through learning about Motion and Position.  Ask your child what their topic is:)

Respect is an on going topic in our classroom.  Respecting ourselves, each other, teachers, staff, parents, family, etc.  Our focus right now is how to communicate in a positive way inside and outside of the classroom.  Along with this comes our weekly goal setting that occurs on Monday mornings.  We set a goal for our self, then work hard all week at reaching that goal.  The kids choose these goals themselves after reflecting on the previous week and thinking about what they need to work on.  It’s a very important skill to learn and the self-awareness that is growing in these kids is wonderful to see.

Boy do we love arts ed and we incorporate dance, drama, art, or music into our day as often as we can.  We love representing our learning in innovative ways!

We are building our flexibility and endurance in phys ed and are now running 5 laps at the beginning of class!!!!  SO PROUD!

Until next time….

Ms. Olafson