Friends and Family Pics

Good morning!

Just a quick reminder to send 1 family pic and 1 of your child with friends.  I am at school today prepping and would love it if you would be able to email them to me some time today so we can add them to the slide show.

Thanks for your support:)

Ms. O


Hi everyone!

Our theme for our assembly on Feb 10th is kindness, friendship and love.  We would like to make a slideshow as part of our show.  Please send a picture of your family and another of your child with their friends.  This will only be used for the slide show and will not be posted online.  You can email them to me or send them with your child.  If you could have them to me by Wednesday, Feb 1st I would greatly appreciate it.


Ms. O

Reminder***show starts at 9:15ish…doors open at 9!

Book Fair


Our school book fair is approaching quickly!  We will have the opportunity to go browse and make a wish list on Tuesday, January 24th.  Our shopping time will then happen on Thursday, January 26th.

A big thank you to the parents and grandparents who helped tie skates yesterday!!!  We go again on Monday afternoon and would love to see you again…as well as anyone else who is able to join us.  The kids had an absolute blast!

Our class assembly will be on either Feb 9th or 10th.  Stay tuned for a final date tomorrow:)

Enjoy the beautiful day!

Ms. O

At Home Reading Homework

Hi all!

I have asked the kids to get up-to-date on their reading logs for Monday.  They may need to read a few books to make up for missed dates.  The only homework I expect from them is nightly reading and to record the titles.  At the end of the week, please have them record which book was their favorite and why.  I was so sad today to see that only a handful of kids have done this.  I know we are all busy, but I cannot stress enough the importance of practicing at home.  Even if your child is a fluent reader, practicing deep thinking while reading is of utmost importance as well.

Thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

Ms. Olafson

Skating Today

Good Morning!

We have to wait and see if the weather cooperates enough to let us walk over to the rink today.  The forecast is -28 with the windchill for 1:00, so I’m fairly certain we won’t be able to go:(  I will post on the blog the final decision at 12:30.

Cross your fingers!

Ms. O

January Learning Update!

Take a look inside grade two this month…

Math–Addition and Subtraction to 18.

Throughout this unit we will…

  • Develop and use mental math strategies to add and subtract two 1-digit numbers, including zero.
  • Look for patterns in digits when adding and subtracting.
  • Understand and use the relationship between addition and subtraction; for example, 2+7=9 and 9-7=2
  • Find out if 2 sides of a number sentence are equal or not equal; for example, 10=6+4 and 3+6=/10.

Science–We will be analyzing the growth and development of familiar animals during their lifecycles, then comparing that with human beings. This will involve some really fun exploring that will foster their literacy development.  Once we have completed that, we will assess the interdependence of humans and animals in natural and constructed environments.

Health–We will continue to discuss and learn to recognize potential safety risks in the community and determine safe practices/behaviors to identify, assess and reduce the risks.

ELA–We will be focusing on questioning and inferring in Reader’s Workshop as we continue to keep track of our thinking in our notebooks.  We will also be doing lots of reading while researching an animal of our choosing and will produce many great pieces of writing as well.  We are constantly reading and writing in all subject areas throughout the day.  These kids are growing and improving every day!

Phys Ed–Our focus during our cooperative games continues to be on following directions, rules and procedures while demonstrating self-control and cooperation.

January Events

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break!  Here are some important dates to mark on your calendar for January…

Jan 6th- Ms. O away pm only (Son’s Hockey Tourny…Go Warman)!

Jan 9th- Skating Begins…we will be skating every Monday from 12:55-1:55.  Please send skates and a CSA approved helmet.  If you are able to join us at that time to help tie skates I would greatly appreciate it!  Let me know:)

Jan 10th- Ms. O away for a literacy learning event

I am learning some awesome ways to guide the kids towards growing as readers and writers!

Jan 24th- Ms. O away for another literacy learning event

Jan 27th- Ms. O away (Daughter’s cheer comp)

Jan 30th- Teacher Prep Day…No School

Learning update to follow…That’s all for now!

Ms. Olafson