Learning Update!

Here is what we are up to in 2 “O”…

Math…finishing up our measurement unit and will begin addition and subtraction to 100 after spring break.

Reader’s Workshop…determining importance and non-fiction text features through research.  Thinking while we read…tying all of our comprehension strategies together.

Writer’s Workshop…editing our piece of writing that we are the most proud of for that month and creating a good copy.  Adding juicy words and details.  Using proper mechanics and spelling.

Exploring…liquids and solids investigations followed by looking into the history of Dalmeny.

Genious Hour…we pick a topic once a week and spend 2 periods working on our topic. First we explain why we chose that topic. Next we activate our schema and write down what we already know about our topic.  Then we think of at least 3 questions that we want to find out.  After that we read to find those important answers or infer what the answers might be.  Finally, we write our new learning into a complete paragraph.  Our next step will be to present our paragraph in front of our class.  We have been enjoying taking our learning into the library on Thursday afternoons!

Health…is a constant discussion in our class about “filling buckets’, being safe and healthy inside and outside of our classroom.

Thank you for reading:)

2 “O”

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