May Learning Update

Here is what we are up to in 2 “O”….

Math…Addition and Subtraction to 100.   Wow have these kids blown me away with how much they remember from our addition and subtraction to 20 unit.  They are using many strategies already to help them find the sums of single and two digit numbers.


Writer’s Workshop:  We are finishing up our poetry unit by writing poems and are using juicy words in the process.

Reader’s Workshop:  We are practicing determining importance while reading non-fiction text to find the answers to our questions during our weekly explore time as well as continuing to make tracks of our thinking during reader’s workshop on our sticky notes.

Buddy Reading…

Every morning we find our buddy that we are matched up with for the month and re-read them our green bag book.  We use this time to build our fluency which we are becoming amazing at!  There is not a “robot reader” to be found:)

Science…We have explored oil spills and created Oobleck in our liquids and solids unit and will start our last unit on air and water in the next few weeks.

Social…Next up on our list is to examine what Dalmeny looked like in the past and compare it to how it looks now.

Phys Ed…We are becoming basketball superstars!

Thanks for reading:)

Ms. O

May Events

Good Morning:)

Here are some important dates to note…

May 4th…Star Wars/Space Dress-up Day

May 12th….Mother’s Day Poetry Coffee House 2:00pm (please let me know if you are able to attend)

May 19th….No School (Teacher Prep)

May 22nd…No School (Victoria Day)

May 25th…Family Appreciation BBQ (more details to come)

Learning Update to follow…