Farewell for the summer!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to send a final greeting to all of the wonderful kids and their families I had the pleasure of getting to know this year.  I appreciate all of your support and for all of your hard work in supporting your kids.  I hope you all have the best summer and please come by the kindergarten room and say hi this fall.

Take care,

Ms. O

Ps…thank you so very much for the goodies that were waiting for me on my desk.  It sure brightened my day:)

Last week!

Hi everyone!

I am so sad to say that I am not able to be there for the last days with the kids this next week due to illness.  I wish that could be different, but these things happen and I assure you that they will be in great hands.  I thank you all so much for your support this year as it truly was a wonderful year.  I will miss the kids so much, but I will be seeing them again in the halls this fall.  I will be checking my email and posting on the blog right up until the end, so make sure you are staying connected.

Here are some things to note for the last 3 days.

Monday…Mrs. Berge will be here.  Boogie Run at 1:00, so wear comfy clothes to run in and running shoes.

Tuesday…Miss. Mailoux will be here.  Bring your favorite board or card game!  Farewell assembly at 1:00.  Wear red and white to celerbrate Canada’s 150th!!!

Wednesday…Mrs. Berge will be here.  Please bring a dry snack for a movie afternoon with 2 F!! Progress reports go home.

That’s all for now!

Ms. O

Field Trip

WOW!!!  I was so grateful to receive all of the volunteer forms this morning!!!  Thank you so much to everyone who was so excited to come with us.  I had to do a random draw for the 4 spots and  I have emailed those people.  You will also receive an email if your name was not selected to let you know that we would still love to see you at our field trip, but we will not be able to take you on the bus.  Please let me know if you would like to follow us or meet us at either location to watch your kiddo enjoy a (hopefully) beautiful day.

Thanks again!!!

Ms. O

June Learning Update

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by!!!  I have so enjoyed my time with this crew and am going to miss them over the summer.  They have grown so much and I am so proud of them.

Here is a peak at our last units of study for the year…

ELA…We just finished writing mystery stories and I was so proud of how great they did with their planning, drafting, revising and publishing.  They are awesome writers!!! They are reading like crazy in every subject all day long and are focusing on summarizing and synthesizing their books to make sense of them.  They are able to have meaningful conversations about what they read which shows how much they have grown in their comprehension.

Social…We are studying Dalmeny’s past and have discovered some really neat history Our final step is to explore the Indigenous People’s who lived on the land next and to study our local map as well.

Science…We will wrap up our final unit on Air and Water this month which will allow us to do some cool activities outside.

Math…Our addition and subtraction unit is coming to an end which will be followed by our final unit on data analysis.

Phys Ed…We are having a great time practicing for our high-lo meet as well as learning different ways to send and receive through basketball, floor hockey, soccer and football.

Health…We continue to reflect on our healthy eating practices, safety (playground, pool, bike, strangers) and will wrap up our unit on respect at the end of the month.

Thanks for all of your support in your child’s learning this year.  It truly is a team effort.  Enjoy your summer and please remember…my door is always open:)

Ms. O


June Events

Wow…last few weeks are upon us!!!  Here are some dates to note for the month.

June 5…No School

June 8…Ms. O away at her daughter’s track day

June 9…High-Lo Meet!  Map and schedule coming home today along with hot lunch order form.

June 19…Field Trip to CanAm Gymnastics and Kinsmen Park (more info to come)

June 21st…Grade 6 farewell

June 28th…Last Day of Classes…Progress Reports come home

Learning Update to follow:)

May Learning Update

Here is what we are up to in 2 “O”….

Math…Addition and Subtraction to 100.   Wow have these kids blown me away with how much they remember from our addition and subtraction to 20 unit.  They are using many strategies already to help them find the sums of single and two digit numbers.


Writer’s Workshop:  We are finishing up our poetry unit by writing poems and are using juicy words in the process.

Reader’s Workshop:  We are practicing determining importance while reading non-fiction text to find the answers to our questions during our weekly explore time as well as continuing to make tracks of our thinking during reader’s workshop on our sticky notes.

Buddy Reading…

Every morning we find our buddy that we are matched up with for the month and re-read them our green bag book.  We use this time to build our fluency which we are becoming amazing at!  There is not a “robot reader” to be found:)

Science…We have explored oil spills and created Oobleck in our liquids and solids unit and will start our last unit on air and water in the next few weeks.

Social…Next up on our list is to examine what Dalmeny looked like in the past and compare it to how it looks now.

Phys Ed…We are becoming basketball superstars!

Thanks for reading:)

Ms. O

May Events

Good Morning:)

Here are some important dates to note…

May 4th…Star Wars/Space Dress-up Day

May 12th….Mother’s Day Poetry Coffee House 2:00pm (please let me know if you are able to attend)

May 19th….No School (Teacher Prep)

May 22nd…No School (Victoria Day)

May 25th…Family Appreciation BBQ (more details to come)

Learning Update to follow…

Learning Update!

Here is what we are up to in 2 “O”…

Math…finishing up our measurement unit and will begin addition and subtraction to 100 after spring break.

Reader’s Workshop…determining importance and non-fiction text features through research.  Thinking while we read…tying all of our comprehension strategies together.

Writer’s Workshop…editing our piece of writing that we are the most proud of for that month and creating a good copy.  Adding juicy words and details.  Using proper mechanics and spelling.

Exploring…liquids and solids investigations followed by looking into the history of Dalmeny.

Genious Hour…we pick a topic once a week and spend 2 periods working on our topic. First we explain why we chose that topic. Next we activate our schema and write down what we already know about our topic.  Then we think of at least 3 questions that we want to find out.  After that we read to find those important answers or infer what the answers might be.  Finally, we write our new learning into a complete paragraph.  Our next step will be to present our paragraph in front of our class.  We have been enjoying taking our learning into the library on Thursday afternoons!

Health…is a constant discussion in our class about “filling buckets’, being safe and healthy inside and outside of our classroom.

Thank you for reading:)

2 “O”