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Recognizing Excellence

Effective leadership involves helping those around you achieve things they themselves did not believe they could. I pride myself on taking on leadership roles in my school, in my school division and provincially. Regardless of the location I constantly look and listen for excellence in those around me. My greatest strength is sharing my passion with others, helping them understand why I believe what I do.

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Sharing Experiences

I believe an effective way to reflect on what I have learned is to share my experiences with others. My presentations are designed to encourage deep thinking by the participants through reflective questions and group discussions.

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Ready Contact Form

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From The Blog

  • I am the Principal of Waldheim School, a K - 12 school in the Prairie Spirit School Division. I have a passion for student engagement, adult learning, alternative assessment, technology in the classroom, and early years literacy. This website has been designed as a living portfolio of my leadership, education and professional development. My blog is a place where I will reflect on things I see, hear, read and do; most of which will be related to educational leadership.