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2016 Cross Country Runners and Parents

Here is the schedule for the 2016 CVAC (Division) Cross Country Meet to be held at the Old Delisle Golf Course and Sporting Grounds in Delisle on Wednesday, October 5th.  We will be leaving Borden School promptly at 9 am to arrive for registration, announcements and the walk through of the course. Please let me know if your runner needs a ride or if you will be driving. Also let me know what time you plan on leaving from the meet. Make sure to bring race gear and extra clothing (possibly rain gear)/blankets to stay warm before and after racing.

The schedule for the meet on Wednesday, October 5th is as follows: (The races will run ahead of schedule if possible.) ** There will be medal presentations for first place and ribbon presentations for 2nd to 10th. Please listen for the announcements.

9:00 -10:15 Registration – The coach will pick up the name tags for the runners.

10:15  Announcements – All participants, coaches and parents, please gather near the registration sign. After ‘O Canada”, there will be information to share.

10:30 Walk Through – There is a 2 km loop with a 1 km loop that branches off this. Meet at the start line. There will be leaders taking you through the course.

Race Times and Categories:

11:00 Atom Boys (2 km)

11:05 Atom Girls (2 km)

11:25 Pee Wee Boys (2 km)

11:30 Pee Wee Girls (2 km)

11:45 Bantam Boys (3 km)

11:55 Bantam Girls (3 km)          *12:00 Atom and Peewee individual and team presentations.

12:10 Midget Boys (4 km)

12:25 Midget Girls (3 km)            *12:30 Bantam individual and team presentations.

12:40 Junior Boys (5 km)/Senior Boys (6km)

1:00   Junior Girls (4 km)/ Senior Girls (4 km)

1:45   Midget/Junior/Senior Team Presentations


The route out to the old golf course will be signed. When you come to Delisle, turn left (South) across the highway instead of right (North) heading into town.  After crossing the first set of railroad tracks, turn right (West) onto the service road and follow until you get to the ball diamonds. Please park in designated areas.

Athlete Information

There will be a peelable sticker for each runner that that will be given out by the coaches. It will be filled out with the athletes name, the school and the age class and category as well as the distance that the competitor is running.

Additional Info

** Attached with this package is a lunch order form for the Delisle school canteen, which makes sandwiches and wraps that can be delivered to the meet.   All students or athletes or parents who are interested in these items need to fill out their order and return the form to the school on or before Friday, September 23rd so that I can send the orders in to Delisle School.  Please send the money with the order with either cash or a cheque made out to me as I will then pay for the order at the meet.  When the lunch is delivered (it will come to the meet boxed for each school), it will be given to me to distribute and the money collected from me.  Remember: You do not have to order your meal, you can bring or send a boxed lunch instead.

**There is a canteen onsite with drinks, fruit and snacks.  The canteen will NOT be selling large lunch items, so please preorder from the canteen if you would like to purchase lunch. 

**Porta-Potties will be available at the site.**

If you have any questions, please contact me by phone or email.

Sheri Sutherland

306 – 997-4537 (home) or 306-997-2090  (school)



Borden Bruins Cross Country 2016

Good day! Hope everyone is having a great back to school first few days. As part of a new physical education initiative this year, all grade 4 students will be introduced to cross country running. Of course, anyone else in grades 5 to 12 is welcome to train and run as well. The students will not have a problem as all are active and most have run the Marafun which is the same distance. The only difference is that cross country is done in a variety of settings so there may be hills to run. Most of the training will be during lunch time at school so runners – thank you in advance for giving of your time. As we don’t always have time in the week to fit all the training in, I am also asking if possible to train at home one day during the weekend. The run should only take around 20 minutes of your day (possibly less). Parents, if you could find a distance of approximately 2 km for your child and monitor them during this run that would be very helpful. If you live in Borden and would like to use the park trail that is about the right length. If you don’t have time during your weekend to do this, that is ok as well, especially if your child is active in another sport. Cross training keeps you fit as well.

There is the possibility of 4 meets this year that I have listed on the calendar also:

September 15th @ Unity – To attend, we need to leave the school at 12:45 as the walk through is at 3 pm at the Unity Golf Course.

September 19th @ Langham – To attend, we need to leave the school around 2:30 pm for registration and the walk through at 3 pm at the Langham Golf Course, north of Langham by the river.

September 29th @ Biggar – To attend, we need to leave the school at 1:30 pm for registration and the walk through at 3 pm at the Biggar Sports Grounds.

October 5th @ Delisle – To attend, we need to leave the school at 8:45 am for registration and the walk through as this race is during the school day. The younger runners could even be back at school for the afternoon.

The school will need parent drivers for each of these runs. For sure I would like all runners to attend the Langham Meet and the Division Meet in Delisle. The other two runs are optional due to distance but I will be going to them if there are any runners available to go and I can take 4 passengers with me. Please let the school know ASAP which meets you can drive for and want to attend and how many passengers you could take. The meets that start at 3 pm will be done around 5:00 or so and then the drive home.

This year one of the interns, Mr. Evan Dunlop, will also be an assistant coach.

If you have any questions or concerns or want more information, please contact me: @ school – 306-997-2090 or @ home – 306-997-4537 or by email @ sheri.sutherland@spiritsd.ca

Yours in sport, Mrs. Sheri Sutherland



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