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Principal’s Message – Jan. 2017   arrow

Parents, students, and community members,

I hope that everyone enjoyed a relaxing holiday break and got the chance to spend quality time with friends and family. As always, December was a crazy time at Borden School and I know that staff and students were excited for a chance to unwind.

I want to start the new year with a few thank-yous for the array of successful events that took place near the end of 2016. I would like to thank:

  • Miss Fisher, Miss Paslawski, and the grade 5-12 students for the outstanding science fair on November 30. It was clear to see that a ton of time and effort went into each of these displays, and students learned an incredible amount about the topics that they chose.
  • Mrs. Yuskiw, the library club, and all of the volunteers who made the November book fair our most successful ever. We sold more than $2000 in books that day, resulting in about $1000 profit for the school library!
  • Pam Pidwerbesky, Gwen Dyck, and all of the other community members who donated time or food to our Christmas Luncheon on December 14. Our first K-12 Christmas feast was a huge success, and none of it would have been possible without the huge support that we received from the community. I also want thank Ken Crush, our local board member, for joining us on this day and for donating the funds for the turkeys.
  • Kirsten Szwydky, Rachel Sutherland, and the rest of the SRC for organizing Christmas activities for the afternoon of our Christmas lunch day, our annual floor hockey tournament, and a very successful bake sale on November 30. The sale raised $255 for the Torrens family, and gave many of our students (and parents) a chance to show off their baking skills!
  • Miss Gabora and all of the other staff who coordinated our outstanding Christmas concert, “Lights, Camera, Christmas!”. All students who took part did a fantastic job! A special thanks to Tom and Kendal Redhead for running the sound, the Village of Borden for letting us use the hall, and Santa for his wonderful surprise visit!
  • Miss Fisher and the grade 7/8 class who spearheaded our Christmas food and clothing drive. We collected more than 1300 articles of food and clothing to help those in need this Christmas season. Wow!
  • The graduating students, their parents, and the SCC for their work at the Christmas Craft Fair and the pancake breakfast – both events were hugely successful fundraisers for the school and for the grad class.
  • Our three interns (LeeAnne Paslawski, Evan Dunlop, and Breanne Dueck) who have now finished their time in Borden and return for their final semester of school at the UofS. We wish them the best and hope that they’ll come back to visit us in the future!

There are of course many other people who have worked to make Borden School a wonderful place to work and learn over the past 4 months, and I want to extend many thanks to them and to those who will continue to help for the rest of the year.

With the holiday season behind us, our focus on student learning and success continues in all grades and classrooms. This is especially true for our high school students who will soon start preparing for final exams. I hope that parents will help us to encourage these students to start studying early – there is lots to remember from an entire semester of learning! Progress reports for grade 7-12 students will go out at the start of February.

Many of you already know about the My Prairie Spirit Classroom (MPSC) document, but for those who don’t, I encourage you to take a look (https://www.spiritsd.ca/files/board/My%20Prairie%20Spirit%20Classroom.pdf). The words and statements on this page reflect the ideals that teachers in our school and division are working toward on a daily basis in their classrooms. Our staff regularly share their successes regarding the MPSC goals at staff meetings and on their own staff FreshGrade pages, and I have been incredibly impressed with the creative work that teachers in our school have been doing. If you have any questions or thoughts about the MPSC document, please do not hesitate to talk to myself or to any of the classroom teachers at our school.

I hope that everyone has a great January and I look forward to a month of exciting learning and activities at Borden School!

Mr. Mitch Luiten