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Principal’s Message – March 2017   arrow

Principal’s Message – March 2017

Parents, students, and community members,

March will be another busy and interesting month for the students and staff at Borden School. With such spring-like weather in February, it can sometimes be easy to forget that summer break is still four months away, with so many exciting things still to come between now and then!

Our grade 1-6 students will receive their second progress reports on March 23, which gives me a good opportunity to remind parents how our 4-point grade scale works.

  • Student grades are reported based on their understanding of specific outcome groupings, which are identified on the progress reports.
  • If students are able to provide sufficient evidence that they understand the concept(s) described in the outcome grouping, they receive a grade of “3”.
  • Students who have not yet demonstrated an understanding of an outcome, or who require significant assistance, may receive a grade of “1” or “2”.
  • If a student has shown that they clearly understand the outcome and can use/apply it in a variety of ways, they may receive a grade of “4”.
  • There are also several other skills and behaviors noted on the reports – these help to provide a holistic explanation of the student’s progress at school.

Any parents who have questions or concerns about their child’s progress are encouraged to contact teachers or make an appointment at parent-teacher-student conferences on March 30.

Another notable March event is “We Day”, which our grade 5-8 students will be attending on March 15. This is an annual event that helps bring awareness to local and global issues affecting people throughout the world. Students must participate in service projects in order to earn tickets to the event; under the guidance of Miss Fisher, our students led a very successful food/clothing drive in December and participated in a 24-hour famine in February. I want to thank all staff, students, and parents who supported these efforts and helped our students learn about the importance of global citizenship.

Our first annual “Borden School’s Got Talent” show is on Wednesday, March 8. Students have been practicing like crazy and are ready to showcase their skills for the community. If you haven’t already got a ticket, please contact the school!

As the school year continues, please remember to take a daily interest in what your children are learning at school. Ask them about activities, read with them, or have them show you what they’re working on in math. I am continuously amazed at the things that our students are capable of, and I hope that they are always excited about sharing their learning with their families.

Have a great March!

Mr. Mitch Luiten