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Principal’s Message – Nov. 2016   arrow

Principal’s Message for November 2016

November is here already – it’s hard to believe that 2 months of school have already passed!

With our first round of three-way conferences finished and our first set of progress reports going out soon, it definitely feels like the school year is well underway! Although both of these can provide a brief glimpse into what is happening at school, I encourage parents to maintain frequent contact with staff regarding the learning and activities that are going on in our classrooms. As well, take some time to check new FreshGrade posts as they appear, and feel free to provide feedback to students about their work!

Our elementary teachers have been especially busy these last few weeks administering the Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment to determine reading levels for our students in grades 1-3. This test provides teachers with a comprehensive understanding of student reading ability, and identifies areas where students might need some additional work or which students might be ready for a new challenge. If you have questions about your child’s F&P assessment (or any other wonderings about our reading programs), please feel free to contact their classroom teacher.

Although learning is always the main focus of our work at Borden School, our staff, SRC and SCC are also working together closely to provide fun and exciting opportunities for students. These include field trips (like the upcoming grade 9-12 scuba diving adventure), holiday activities (like the haunted house and variety of crafts that occurred for Halloween), and guest presenters (including the Saskatoon Blades and a Robert Munsch puppet show). I am proud of the commitment that our school community is showing to ensure that our students are able to learn in such a holistic and engaging environment.

There are several significant events occurring over the next few months that will require participation from our partners in the community. Our annual SCC Christmas Lunch will occur on December 14 this year, and will be a full K-12 activity complete with sleigh rides from our local board member, Ken Crush. We are working to coordinate a day trip to Regina this spring, which will involve a significant amount of fundraising by our SRC and SCC. Our graduating students have also begun their fundraising endeavors, which include bottle drives, the Christmas Craft Fair, and a pancake breakfast in December. Community members who would like to get involved in any of these (or other!) events are encouraged to join our SCC (whose next meeting is Thursday, November 24 at 530pm) or contact the school for more information.

As the school year progresses, please continue to be an engaged part of the learning and activities that occur in our school. Check the website frequently, and never hesitate to call or email with questions. Have a great November!

Mitch Luiten mitch.luiten@spiritsd.ca