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Principal’s Welcome – Sept. 2016   arrow

Parents, students, and community members!

I am incredibly excited to be starting this school year as the principal at Borden School. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with parents and students as a classroom teacher for the past five years and appreciate all of the support that has come my way. In addition, I am looking forward to meeting members of our school community that I have not yet had the pleasure of working with.

I think that change is an appropriate theme for our school this year. Although we will continue many of the programs and activities that have made Borden School a great place to learn, we are also proud of many new initiatives that will unfold over the course of this school year. Our kindergarten class has their own room, and there are no triple-grade classrooms in our elementary end. Our grade 5-8 students will participate in a new beginner band program, and our junior sports teams are all in action. We are also looking to start up a variety of new clubs, including an environmental club and a Lego club, to help provide students with unique learning opportunities.

Another change for this year is our educational school goal. While still focused on increasing student engagement and improving our teaching practices, we will place an additional emphasis this year on math. Teachers have all identified areas of math instruction, assessment, and evaluation that they would like to further develop; throughout the year, we will all push ourselves to learn and evolve as math teachers. We are currently waiting for FreshGrade to be updated for the 2016/2017 school year, but once it is ready our teachers and students will utilize it as a tool to display their growth in math.

I would like to welcome our new staff to the school. Miss Mackenzie Fisher is teaching math and science while Mrs. Kaufmann is on maternity leave; Miss Fisher was an intern at our school 2 years ago and we are thrilled to have her back. In another returning role, former intern Miss Kimberley Picard is covering the end of Mrs. Doratti’s maternity leave, which is over near the start of October. Mrs. Allison Dyck is a new teacher to our school, working with students from grades 1-12 throughout the school year. We are also excited to have 3 interns in our building this fall: Mr. Evan Dunlop with Mr. Dyck; Mrs. Breanne Dueck with Mrs. Locke; and Miss LeeAnne Paslawski with Miss Gabora. Please help me make them all feel welcome in our school and community.

As we start the new school year, I want to encourage all students and parents to become involved in our school. The School Community Council (SCC) meets on September 29, and would love to see new members come and help us improve our school community. Our hot lunch program starts later this month, and we will be asking for volunteers from each classroom to help assist with the preparing and serving of hot lunches; we have a few hot lunch leaders who will do the coordinating for each lunch, but we will still need help from other parents. We are offering a variety of athletic programs this fall (including cross country, junior volleyball, junior basketball, and curling), and I hope that students will take a risk and try something new. Our school has a proud history of student success, both athletic and academic, and I hope to see this trend continue into the future.

Our administrative assistant, Angelena Lukan, does a great job of keeping our school website updated – please take some time to familiarize yourself with it and check regularly for updates. Always feel free to drop by the school or send me an email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Although these first days back can be busy and stressful for all of us, I can say with certainty that the staff and students are excited to see what lies ahead in another exciting year at Borden School.

Mitch Luiten