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Grade 8 Supply list for 2016/17


Grade 8

School Supply List

2016 – 2017


The following is a list of recommended school supplies for the upcoming school year.  Many of these supplies you should have from previous years and they need not be new. Proper care of your school supplies should allow you to reuse them in the future.




  1. Several blue and red pens and pencils (they will need to be replenished during the year)
  2. Calculator – a basic operational calculator – not a cell phone please.
  3. Pencils (mechanical pencils and lead) and Pencil Case
  4. Ruler
  5. Scissors and Glue Sticks
  6. Reinforcements
  7. Erasers and white out
  8. Geometry Set ‑ compass, divider, protractor, ruler, small pencil.
  9. 3‑hole loose leaf paper (500 sheets)
  10. 3‑ring binders and subject dividers for ten subjects.

            ‑ can better manage large amounts of paper accumulated over the year.

‑ more durable

‑ can be reused in the future

  1. Pencil Crayons (there are several assignments that require pencil crayons)
  2. High lighting markers (several colors are used for teaching study strategies)
  3. One small box of sandwich sized Ziploc bags for taking things home in Home Ec.
  4. Access to a dictionary – electronic (ie: iPod), or paper.
  5. Gym bag, gym wear (gym shorts and T‑SHIRT, sweat socks, running shoes, deodorant)
  6. One box of “Kleenex”- optional, but much appreciated.
  7. One memory stick (preferred) or access to email for attaching documents.
  8. Ear phones





  1. Day Planner
  2. Sweat pants and top ‑ for cooler outside weather
  3. Extra gym wear for those students who are involved in extra‑curricular sports.