Student Successes

Name: Alexia King

Achievement: Attended the high school select Wind Orchestra at the University of Saskatchewan

What is your favorite part about band, why?: I enjoy making and being with friends I also enjoy being around the music is a bonus!

What made you want to be in band?: My passion for music was what drove me to be in band. Being able to to make friends with the same passion for music that I have has also made me want to stay in this great program.

If you could be on instrument what would it be?: I would be a clarinet mainly because it what my mom played while she was in band and what I have been playing since grade five.

How did you get to play in the High school wind orchestra at the U of S?: We had to apply to be in the program, once accepted we rehearsed all of Saturday and the preformed at the U of S on Sunday.

What advice do you have for students looking into the band program?: Its a very open program you don’t need a lot of musical background to enjoy, if you haven’t been in the program before you can join in at any age. Its been a great experience for myself.