Assessment Structure

The primary purpose of assessment and evaluation is to improve student learning. In order to give students an opportunity to improve their learning in this course, a variety of formative and summative assessment tools are used. The final evaluation accounts for 30% of the grade and 70% is assigned to the evaluations conducted throughout the course. In this course, The Travel and Tourism Report is used as the course culminating activity.

Course Culminating Activity: The course culminating activity, Travel and Tourism Report: A Case Study, is not a separate unit; instead, it is the integrating theme introduced in Unit 1 which connects and flows through each of the following units. Based on the knowledge of world regions studied in Unit 1, students choose a focus region for the Travel Report.  Time is allotted during the subsequent units (e.g., culture, economic, environmental, future) for students to add information to their case study, practise geographic skills, receive ongoing feedback about their report, and reflect on their achievement. During the last unit, students participate in a final teacher conferencing, self-assessment, and peer feedback; do final editing; and then submit the culminating activity for summative evaluation.

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