CK ROW: Nicole Lavallee – Vice principal, Sanne Gillingham, Sally Wall, Kathie Derksen, Cynthia Peters

FRONT ROW: Pat Wagner – Secretary, Erica Friesen, Alice Funk, Jaimie Peters – Chairperson, Janet Jackson – Principal


Alice Funk is well-known in Hague and area as a retired teacher and member of town council, SCC, library board, museum board, and church groups.  This active mom of four and grandma of nine loves watching sports, especially when those grandkids are playing, and can also be found working in her  garden, quilting or reading.

Jaimie Peters grew up on a dairy farm near Qu’Appelle, but is now a confirmed “town girl”.  She and husband Mike live in Hague, where Jaimie runs a home daycare which allows her to be home for their own three children and be involved in their activities. As a family, they enjoy camping and family movie nights.  Jaimie joined the SCC in 2012 and currently serves as our Chair.

Kathie Derksen looks too young to have taught for 13 years, but she did (in Duck Lake and Hepburn) and she still substitutes when it fits into her schedule.  Her husband is Laverne, and they have two young boys, ages 11 and 8.  Kathie finds time for curling and volleyball in addition to managing a hockey team and volunteering at church.  We welcomed Kathie to SCC in 2012.

Heather Nakaska has lived in Hague since 2003 and she and husband Faron are raising three kids.  She has been on SCC for 6 years and just became the SCC rep on the Learning for Life committee.  Heather works as a substitute teacher, at the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation, and volunteers year-round as a committee chair for Festival of Trees.

Erica Friesen is from the Aberdeen area, and has lived in Hague for the past eleven years.  She and Dane are raising 4 kids — girls in grade 8 and grade 4, and two boys one at hone and another in grade 2.  Erica works at taking care of her family and doing the books for Dane’s business. She is hoping to spend some time camping this summer.  We thank Erica for joining our SCC and we look forward to working with her.

Sanne Gillingham is originally from Denmark, but married a Manitoban and for the past 7 years has called Hague home.  She and Brad have one daughter in grade 7 and another daughter who is in Grade 3.  Sanne keeps busy with the girls and their activities and we’re glad that she has made time to contribute to our school community council.

Cynthia Peters grew up in Hepburn but has been part of the Hague community since 2007 when she started working at Affinity Credit Union.  She and her husband Calvin have two children, ages 12 and 8.  Cynthia loves playing soccer and slo-pitch.  She joined the SCC in 2014 and has been enjoying being involved with the committee.

Sally Wall

Colleen Wall




November 4, 2016