Happy February! We enjoyed that warm spell after the break and got outside lots. It’s a good thing we did it then because we’ve been stuck with a lot of indoor recesses lately! We are still working hard in Science on our collaborative Plant Study with the Grade 3s. We’re about to investigate how First Nations used/ use plants in their daily lives. We have started some Reader’s Workshop activities, where we work on parts of a book, predicting, retell, etc. They love listening to stories! Art has been a lot of fun in the past month and we’ve created some masterpieces we’d like to share with you: Mrs. Martineau & The Ks.


We’ve been very busy in our room this month. We had a picnic outside to take advantage of a beautiful November day. It’s been a welcome change from that ugly October! In math we’re working hard on our Quick Draw skills and we’re starting to learn about patterns. We’ve been working on our letters and letter sounds. There are some very keen learners in here. Their favourite thing to do right now is to “order” colouring pages. It started with a couple of kids and now it’s become a phenomenon. They take turns requesting colouring sheets that align with their interests. It’s actually become a really cool activity where we practice taking turns, waiting in line, sharing our interests, and using proper grip on our colouring tools. Feel free to pop in any time! Mrs. Martineau and the Ks


Happy October! Kindergarten is in full swing and we’ve been working on a lot of cool things: -Quick Draw Math to practice our visualization and spatial awareness skills -Pumpkin decorating (thanks Mrs. Grindheim for bringing the pumpkins!) -Story writing and story acting. We’ve got some performers in here! I hope to see you at K Triconferences on Wednesday, October 19. If you’re unable to make it but would still like to come in some time, let me know! More details will be coming home shortly about what will be happening at school on Halloween Day. As always, feel free to pop into our room at any time! -The Ks and Mrs. Martineau


April has been a lovely month in Kindergarten. It is so nice to see and feel the sun out! In addition to being able to spend more time outdoors, the Kindergartens have been working hard in Writer’s Workshop, focusing on numbers and applications in Math, and we’ve had several new centers open up in our classroom. With inspiration from our story time books “Frog and Toad” by Arnold Lobel, our class has created a frog discovery & play center that they love! Our theme for sharing this month is “something that was passed down to us”. It has been fascinating to see the different cherished items our class has brought in. Thank you parents & students for sending such interesting items! Miss. B. & the Kindergarten class


What a wonderful February we have had so far. The Kindergarten’s have been working hard and having fun too! Valentine’s Day was a success – we enjoyed “painting” the snow hill, exchanging our Valentine’s, and having milk and cookies! This week we are skating at the Hanley rink in the afternoons. The last month we have been investigating sound and music. The kindergartens are quite the orchestra! Our room is filled with sound and rhythm during play and explore time. One of our next investigations will be looking into magnetic and physical forces. In math, our next unit will be number applications. This is the foundational unit for operations (+,-). Vocabulary and punctuation have also been a focus. The Kindergartens have been especially interested in finding exclamation points and question marks! February has been a good month! Miss. Buchinski & the Kindergarten class


Kindergartens are having a great start to the New Year! Sharing has been exciting this month, as we have had the chance to showcase some of our wonderful Christmas gifts and share some of our adventures that took place over the break. Investigating sound and how sound works has been a focus this month. Soon we will be looking into instruments as well as dance. Writers Workshop is also off to a great start! The children’s stories are so playful and sweet. Keep up the good work Kindergarten! Stay warm everyone! Miss. Buchinski and the Kindergarten class


Season’s Greetings! Thank you to the families who came out for the Family Fun Night! It was an evening filled with singing and fun. Kindergarten worked very hard to deliver a fantastic performance. They did a wonderful job! This month Kindergarten has been writing about the theme of Christmas. Weeven wrote letters to Santa! As a class we walked our letters down to the Hanley post office, dropped them in the mail and we are hoping Santa isn’t too busy to write back! Keep an eye on your mailbox! Show and Tell has been going great in Kindergarten! The children are becoming more comfortable speaking in front of the class. They are turning out to be fantastic public speakers and performers! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have a fun and wonderful Christmas spending time with your children! The Kindergarten’s & Miss. Buchinski


And… another month flies by! November has been busy in Kindergarten. We have been working hard on the Early Years Evaluation, just right books, and our literacy workshop. This month was our first shot at sharing and it went very well. The theme was “something I made”. It was great to see (and sometimes taste) all of the homemade goodies and crafts that came from home! We have also recently received three giant cardboard boxes in our classroom. We cast a vote from student ideas and decided to make a castle, a bear cave, and a rocket ship! So far, our castle is up and running with peep holes, a working draw bridge, and a flag. The castle has been a hot-spot during play and explore time. What fun!

Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

The sun is shining and we are happy to see the snow go! (Knock on wood).

The Ks have been busy with:

-Animated Literacy -Reader’s Workshop

-working with and recognizing numbers
-exploring and building basic shapes
-Quick Draw

The 1s are busy with:

-Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop
-We finished off our Oliver Jeffers author study with Mrs. Burgess by taking a rocket ship up to the moon!
-Story writing

-numbers from 0-100
-number sense
-skip counting (patterns in the 100 chart)

-The 4 Seasons

Together we are learning about:

-our families
-being kind

Phys. Ed:
-cooperative games
-tumbling and other gymnastic moves


-It is our in-school field trip on the afternoon of May 4th. Bricks 4 Kids (LEGO) are coming in to run some activities for us.

-Our sharing theme for the next 2 months is ‘Favourite Stuffy’. Each child has a designated day. Please check the April/May calendars that went home with your child before the break.

As always, pop in to see us any time!

The K/1s and Mrs. Martineau