Foods 1

Day 1

  • Today we are going to make Rice Krispie Treats!  Before we get started, we need to review how important hygiene is when working with food.  Watch the following video:
  • You Better Wash Your Hands

  • In order to be successful in the kitchen, everyone needs a role, so they know what to do when in the kitchen.  I have divided the jobs into 4
  1. Kitchen Manager
  2. Dish Washer
  3. Dish Dryer
  4. Extra (if there are more than 3 members)
  • as a group, brainstorm and write down the responsibilities are for each role

Kitchen Jobs Brainstorm Chart

  • In period 5 you will make Rice Krispie Treats.  Decide who will do each role in the kitchen and read over this recipe with your group.  Discuss what all needs to be done.

Perfect Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

  • When you are waiting for the Rice Krispie’s to set, come see me for a Food Safety Word Search



Day 2

We are going to learn how to make the best cookies!!  Did you know that there are special tips and tricks to make your cookies turn out exactly the way you love them?

  1. Watch the video below the learn about the science behind the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Stop and start the video as many times as necessary to answer all the questions on your Cookie Assignment handout.
  2.  Right click on the Cookie Assignment below, then “open link in new tab” to access the cookie assignment online.

The Science behind the perfect Chocolate chip cookie

Cookie Assignment


Day 3

We will be learning and thinking about two topics today.  First,  all the ingredients found in each recipe have a function within that recipe.  You will be working in a pair/group to research one of those items to share with the rest of the class. Second,  there are a lot of cooking terms that appear in recipes that are important for you to know in order to be successful.

**Follow the steps below to complete your tasks for the day

  1. Ingredients group work – In your group/pair, research your ingredient item.  Using your worksheet, find out and write what the function/purpose for your ingredient and also some tips for measuring.  Be prepared to share these with the class.  Click on “Ingredients” below to access your worksheet online.  Indredient Purpose worksheet
  2. Cooking terms 1 – at the top of your screen, choose a new tab to be able to look up the following cooking terms to fill out your worksheet.  Right click on then “open link in new tab” link below to access your worksheet online. cooking terms 1