Every Friday our students and staff are lucky enough to be able to participate in Pizza Fridays!

ALL students must complete an order form.  If a sibling has paid for their pizza or a punch card was used, each individual student STILL needs to complete THEIR OWN order form.  We will not know what TYPE or the NUMBER OF SLICES  to order unless each student has a completed order form for themselves.  Blank ones that you can print out at home are attached right here:


Don’t forget that “pizza punch cards” are an easy way to pre-purchase pizza and avoid that Friday morning search for change on pizza day! If you have any questions or comments, please email us at laird@spiritsd.ca or feel free to phone (306) 223-4272. And special thanks to BK Foods for making Pizza Fridays so tasty! Our pizza is always ready right on time and it is delicious and hot!

Pizza orders are always due by 9:00 am on Friday mornings. If you know your child will be late, you need to phone or text (306-212-7979) the school if they would like to order pizza that day.  Send a lunch for your child if you miss this cut-off time!