Welcome to Martensville High School – Home of the Royals

MHS-logo-2010Martensville High School is a grade 9 to 12 school in the growing community of Martensville. With an approximate enrolment of 390 students and a combined staff of 45, our school supports student learning in a variety academic and extra-curricular programs. The school is part of the Prairie Spirit School Division family of schools.

Latest News:
MHS October Newsletter
Parent – Teacher Interviews – 5:30-8:00 pm, Wed., Oct. 29 and Thurs., Oct. 30

  • This year’s interviews will take place in teachers’ classrooms on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Interviews will be 7 to 10 minutes long.
  • Bells will sound to keep meetings on track and to ensure everyone has the opportunity to meet with the teachers of their choice.
  • School personnel will be on hand to help guide parents to the appropriate rooms. Students are always encouraged to attend.

As these interviews will be in advance of the first reporting period, it will be helpful if parents to have Powerschool Information (student grades and attendance information) prior to the interviews. Please contact the office (mhs@spiritsd.ca) to set up an account.

SUTIL Booths Only Event - 5:30-8:00 pm, Thurs., Oct. 30

SUTIL (Saskatchewan Universities and Technical Institutes Liaison) Booths Only Event at MHS will host representatives from at least 19 different universities, colleges and organizations from across Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. While you’re here to meet with your teachers, plan to stop by the various booths and tables, pick up recruitment materials and ask any questions you may have. It is never too early to start planning for your future after high school! Click on SUTIL for an up-to-date list of attendees. See the MHS Career Guidance section for more information.

Report cards (Term 1, Semester 1) (Paperless) – Thurs., Nov. 6

Note to parents of grade 9 students regarding Grade 9 grades:
90 – 100% (4) – Mastery – Demonstrates a deep knowledge and understanding
75 – 89% (3) – Meeting – Demonstrates complete knowledge and understanding
60 – 74% (2) – Approaching – Demonstrates a basic knowledge and understanding
50 – 59% (1) – Beginning – Demonstrates a parietal knowledge and understanding
Less than 50% (ME) – Missing evidence – Missing evidence of knowledge and understanding

Note to parents/guardians: Emergency Preparedness Planning
In addition to conducing fire and bus evacuation drills, schools need to practice for other kinds of potential emergencies. Two main ones include Lockdowns and Hold and Secures.

Lockdown is defined as the restriction of movement during the time of a potentially serious violent incident. Schools go into lockdown when there is a significant and immediate threat inside or in the direct vicinity of the building. During a lockdown students and staff take secured shelter, lock all classroom doors, and remain quiet.

Hold and Secure
Hold and Secure is for exterior emergency situations not related, but in close proximity, to the school. In this situation, any students outside the building come in.  The exterior doors are locked and monitored by staff.  Movement may be restricted depending upon the threat.  School continues to function normally inside the building.

PSSD Letter to Parents re: Community Threat Assessment and Support Protocol

MHS Bell Schedule – 2014-15

MHS Student Handbook 2014-2015