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MHS Course Selection Book for 2017-2018
MHS Credit Requirements and Course Selection Sheet March 2017


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MHS Guidelines Bus Stop Times and Maps – Feb 3 2017

Note to parents/guardians: Emergency Preparedness Planning
In addition to conducing fire and bus evacuation drills, schools need to practice for other kinds of potential emergencies. Two main ones include Lockdowns and Hold and Secures.

Lockdown is defined as the restriction of movement during the time of a potentially serious violent incident. Schools go into lockdown when there is a significant and immediate threat inside or in the direct vicinity of the building. During a lockdown students and staff take secured shelter, lock all classroom doors, and remain quiet.

Hold and Secure
Hold and Secure is for exterior emergency situations not related, but in close proximity, to the school. In this situation, any students outside the building come in. The exterior doors are locked and monitored by staff. Movement may be restricted depending upon the threat. School continues to function normally inside the building.

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Social Media Sites and APPs

Information for parents:
PSSD Letter to Parents re: Community Threat Assessment and Support Protocol

MHS Course Selection:
MHS Course Selection Handbook
MHS Credit Requirements Information Sheet
Math Pathways Information (grades 10 and 11)
Senior Sciences Curriculum Renewal (2013-2014)

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MHS Awards Criteria

 Local Scholarships – 2017

MHS Tell Them From Me Results – 2012 Survey Report on Student Outcomes and School Climate at Martensville High School. A light green bar represents the results for MHS in the current school year. The dark green bar represents the Canadian norm.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award offers youth ages 14-25 the opportunity to make a difference to themselves and their communities. Our school offers a special subject credit for students participating in the program. See our career and guidance counsellor Donna Bouchard for information.

Character Education at MHS At Martensville High School, we believe that character counts. Three approaches to help school members foster good character traits include: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; Virtues Project; The Royals Way.

PSSD Busing guidelines for families

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MHS student guide for essay writing