Becoming Experts: Ch 2 Assignment

Today in class we assigned students to do a presentation in partners that is due the first day back after they complete their work experience. Students selected a topic from Chapter 2 of the textbook (Vikings, Cabot, Cartier, Champlain, Frobisher, Hudson) and are to become “experts” on their chosen topic so they can educate the class.

Presentations must include:

  • Who they are?
  • Where they are from?
  • Where did they go (specifics)?
  • Why did they come?
  • What was life like before their contact with the First Nations people?
  • What was life like after their contact with the First Nations people?
  • What was the lasting impact of arrival in Canada?
  • How were they received at the time?
  • How does history view them?

Much of this information can be found in our textbook, but students may have to do some research on their own. Presentations will be done in class the first day back.

Have fun at work experience!

Lots of fun activities this week!

On Wednesday, Sept 27 the SRC has planned a pajama day! So wear your comfiest pajamas to school that day! And we have ANOTHER Spirit day on Friday, with the theme being sporting outfits. There will be activities in the gym at noon for students as well! Friday is also our Terry Fox Walk in the afternoon, so students should be prepared to go for a walk outside.