Folktales Unit

In ELA 9/10 we are currently in the midst of our first unit focusing on Folktales. We’ve read a bunch of different folk and fairy tales, and have worked on analyzing the story components. On Tuesday, Sept 26 we have a 1-2 page essay due. In this essay students should compare and contrast two tricksters that we read about in class last week: Wisakedjak and the Raven.

Pop Culture Art!

In 4/5 art we are currently doing our pop culture art unit! We started out by making self portraits in the style of Minecraft characters and are working on finishing up our own versions of the Mona Lisa. They’re looking really cool so far! Some of us have also made bookmarks, and we have all created our own art portfolios where we keep our projects.

Math 7/8 Unit 2 Exam

We have an upcoming unit exam for both grade 7 and 8 math classes! In preparation for this students have been working on review assignments for Unit 2 (Integers). We will also have a practice test on Friday, Sept 29 to help us to get ready! Our unit exam will be on Tuesday, October 3rd.

Social 4/5

In grade 4/5 social studies we have been learning about different ways to view our world. We have explored using Google Earth and it is really cool! We have also drawn a map of Colonsay and worked with maps of the world.