Welcome to the Parent Engagement Book Club!

This is my first time doing a group blog/convo so please forgive me for being pretty low tech.

I will post a question or topic and then we can see where the conversation goes. These are optional so please don’t feel any pressure to participate, but if you can we would love to hear your voice. My plan will be to open discussion threads on the following days:

  • Feb 26th – Introductions
  • March 13th – Pages 1-50
  • March 27th – Pages 50-100
  • April 10th – Pages 100-150

Lastly we will have a one in person meeting on May 8th. This will be at the division office, from 1:30pm – 4:00pm (I will bring snacks and food).   



I am hoping this book club can help create a community in PSSD of people who are passionate about parent engagement, and that together we can encourage the division, other schools/teacher, and our own schools to be leaders in this work.

I think with that in mind, it will be good for us to get to know each other a little bit. Feel free to write anything you like below. Some ideas might be why you are here, what your other passions are (in and out of school), what you are thinking about in life and in education these days, etc…