Exciting Learning!

We have returned from our spring break renewed and hopefully into the true spring weather!  The final months of our academic year are full and mixed with fun learning as we continue to explore in our community!  We recognize that we have so many great opportunities from the surrounding learning lake and land to acquire the knowledge from our curriculum lessons!

Throughout the last three seasons the students have been truly engaged as they studied their nearby adopted tree.  They have discovered the necessary importance that their type of tree has on the environment it lives in and the creatures who count on it for protection and survival.  These place based learning experiences has laid the foundation for students’ studies in math, science, social studies, language arts and other subject areas across the core curriculum.  It is truly rewarding to see the students build vocabulary, communication and inquiry skills, learn how to respect and interact with the environment and develop a love for their very own place in our community and school.  And on top of it all, the students have had fun and been excitedly immersed in their learning.

It was great to have the parents/guardians attend the Student Led Conferences.  It was so meaningful to work together as a team to co-construct a piece of the student’s “Reflections of Growth” document.  There is so much growth and learning that occurs when parents, teachers, and students collaborate together as a team!

For the 4th year in a row, our school will once again be participating in the 30 X 30 Challenge presented by the David Suzuki Foundation.  During the month of May, we will pledge to spend 30 minutes in nature every day for 30 days!  Sounds like fun and we are going to take that challenge on with gusto!  Each year we tally more time outdoors than the year before and more of our families are getting involved!  You can take that challenge at home or at work too and we hope you join us as spring begins to blossom!  Go to http://30×30.davidsuzuki.org/ for more information!

Is your home being overrun by all those plastic bags from shopping?  We have a solution for you!  Beginning May 29th to June 2nd, 2017 we will participate in a challenge with other elementary schools all across Canada!  We will be collecting plastic shopping bags to recycle and enter to win some prizes to support environmental initiatives for our school!  So start gathering those single use plastic bags and have them ready when we call out for them at the end of May!  We know we can really make a difference with this recycling incentive!

We are looking forward to our upcoming Try-a-Thon on June 15th and have begun our running training.  Our Try-A-Thon is being governed by the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation (STAC) and will incorporate swimming, biking and running.  We will once again be partnering with the Delisle Composite Outdoor Education students as they buddy up with our students to support and mentor them on this fun challenge.  For the students at Pike Lake School, the Try-A-Thon is an exciting and challenging event that complements the physical education component of our academic program.  We invite you to come cheer us on!

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School and Community Winter Feast

It was a day of intense learning and discovery that was truly sprinkled with a lot of fun!!!  The students and staff of Pike Lake School invited school families and all community members to come and enjoy a FREE lunch that was made by the students themselves.  Along with some amazing supervising volunteers, the students prepared and made perogies, Caesar salad,  a variety of vegetables and dessert crepes to serve alongside some baked sausage.  This second annual feast was very well attended by more community members than we had anticipated!  A wonderful compliment to our students and school!

To echo the aboriginal teaching of honoring the elders, the students served the food to all the adults in attendance first – before the students or youngsters!!  We have had many favorable comments relayed back to us about the strength of the students’ capabilities and skills as they worked preparing the meal.  The students aptly demonstrated the knowledge they have gained since the beginning of the year using the kitchen tools and safe food handling!  All of the pupils were very proud of their accomplishments and their ability to put on such a wonderful winter feast for so many participants!

A special thank you is sent to the amazing volunteers we had supervising our student cooking crews!  We could not have done this as well as we did without your help and committed support!  Our thanks to Donna and Dave Nichol, Shauna Lingnau, Dwayne Milton, Brandie Allan, Brad Berschiminsky and Christy Schekk.  We hope you enjoyed and learned too, as you worked close at hand with the cooking teams!

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Brain Walk

Our school was privileged to participate in Brain Walk endorsed by the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) organization.  The Brain Walk was an interactive activity that consisted of 10 stations manned by some of our school volunteers.  The students were able to visit each station and learn about the different functions of the brain and how we need to keep it safe and healthy.  This was accomplished through interactive questions, demonstrations, displays and many hands on activities!  This program helped provide awareness to those people who have brain injuries and the challenges they meet every single day.

Our special thanks to our volunteers who set up and ran the stations for the students and to ABI for providing this highly educational program for schools!


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Dog Sledding

On January 24th we were treated to a dog sledding demonstration at our school grounds!  Jolene McLeay from Bark Place Pet Spa provided a wonderful presentation about her sport of dog sledding, her experience as a racer and as a recreational dog sledder.   Jolene shared some health and safety information about her working dogs and how they were taught to pull a dog sled.  After the presentation and a brief question period, we went outside so that the students could see the dogs in action!  By the sounds and pulling action as the dogs were harnessed up, it was very apparent the dogs were eager to pull the sled!  The students were quite attentive and cheerful when each of the staff had a turn taking a ride on the dog sled.  After the demonstration the students went back inside to ask more questions and share the many things they learned about this sport and the connections they made!  Our very grateful thanks to Jolene and her assistant Cheryl, for coming to the school and sharing some valuable information about this dying sport!

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ALL community members and school families are invited to join us at our annual WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL FREE BBQ!  Pike Lake School Community Council (SCC) and the Pike Lake School Community and School Association (PLCSA) will jointly sponsor this event!  Come for the FREE hot dogs, hamburgers, dessert and various beverages while visiting with your neighbours, SCC members, PLCSA members, school staff and school families!  REGISTRATION will also take place this evening for any of the fall PLCSA activities.  Come and take a tour of the school!  We look forward to seeing you there and visiting for a while!

WHEN:  Thursday, September 10th, 2015

WHERE:  Pike Lake School

TIME:  5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.



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Try – A – Thon

The Pike Lake School Community Council (SCC) is very excited to be holding a Try-A- Thon for our students.   The Try-A-Thon is fully sanctioned by the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association and involves running, biking and swimming components.  This will be a big achievement for our students and we would like to encourage parents, family and community members to come out and cheer them on as they go through the course!  The event will run Monday, June 15th at 1:15 p.m.  The kids will be swimming at the Cabin Owner’s Beach (The Old Beach across from the tennis courts) and doing their run and bike along Lakeside Drive.  Hope to see you there!

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Golf Saskatchewan

This past Tuesday was an exciting day for our school!  Brian Lee and Scott Allan from Golf Saskatchewan visited our school in a funky car and brought us a gift!  On behalf of Golf Saskatchewan, we were provided with a complimentary Golf-in-Schools Kit.  Within this kit is a variety of child friendly golf equipment that we can use to introduce the sport and familiarize the students with golf terminology, safety and etiquette.  This kit was developed by the Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) in partnership with Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada to help teach the learning outcomes in the Phys. Ed. Curriculum using golf as a conduit.

We would like to respectfully thank Golf Saskatchewan for the Golf-in-Schools Kit and the t-shirts they provided to our school and students.  We are looking forward to trying this kit out and are anticipating some fun new learning experiences!


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Enter The Kingdom Of Books

As you can see, our library has been transformed into a castle for our Book Fair.  Please join us in our kingdom, as our librarian, Minstral Mrs. K., takes your children on a "Knightly" crusade to run the gauntlet of literacy. Doors open Thursday, January 29th from 5:30-6:30 and again on Wednesday February 4th from 6:30-8.

As you can see, our library has been transformed into a castle for our Book Fair. Please join us in our kingdom, as our librarian, Minstral Mrs. K., takes your children on a “Knightly” crusade to run the gauntlet of literacy. Doors open Thursday, January 29th from 5:30-6:30 and again on Wednesday February 4th from 6:30-8.

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Christmas is Coming!

BearyWe warmly invite you to come out to watch our performance of A Bear-Y Merry Holiday on Thursday, December 18th.  We will have two concert times to ensure you can take part in this merriment!  The times are: 11:00 am and 7:00 pm and we expect a visit from Santa for the little ones at the evening performance!  We hope you can come out and take part in this program to help make you Bear-Y happy and excited for Christmas without a lot of Pandamonium!

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Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week

Down Syndrome Awareness Week took place from November 3rd to November 7th.  Within this week, a workshop was held at Wanuskewin Heritage Park and was funded by SaskTel.  As this disorder is special to our school, several staff members [Ms. Key, Mrs. Knittig, Mrs. Knackstedt, Lana Abercrombi (SERT), Jessica Blanch (SLP), Aaron Bates (OT)] were interested and attended this full day session.  A key presenter for the workshop was a Calgary based not-for-profit organization called PREP (Pride. Respect. Empowerment. Progress) which provides innovative educational and therapy services to children with Down Syndrome.  PREP’s full day seminar focused the learning on how to create a welcoming and inclusive classroom.  Some important messages that the participants brought back for the students and staff alike were: how to be a good friend; we are all the same and we are all different; it is okay to have Down Syndrome.

All the attendees positively praised the workshop for the knowledge they were provided with and the ways it can be implemented for our entire school!  Truly a winning combination for the awareness and education about this disorder!

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