Education Week

Our school took an active role in this year’s Education Week theme of “Supporting and Celebrating Success.”  We had a variety of activities throughout the week that honored the many people who are part of our school’s success:

  • We were delighted to have aboriginal artist Mr. Ray Keighley join us for a full day art workshop. Keighley provided some interesting information about the Cree people, including the Medicine Wheel.  He showed us how to paint animals and scenery using other tools beside a paintbrush.  He also shared that each animal or bird has special symbolism for the Cree people.


  • We were fortunate to have some of our PSSD professionals from our Special Education Resource Team come and speak to the students. Although the students see these specialists in our school, the students were not familiar with their jobs.   These experts explained their roles and how they support the students to be successful in their everyday learning.


  • Our students gratefully acknowledged Jean Lingnau during Bus Driver Appreciation Day. As we are aware, Bus Drivers play an important and sometimes challenging role as they transport the children safely to and from school.   To express their appreciation, the students happily sang a staff created song and presented Ms. Lingnau with a handmade gift to treasure!

School Bus

  • During Education Week we enjoyed a presentation about the culmination of our penny project. We had collected pennies for each year of our 100 year existence and had them framed in a plaque, now on display in our school hallway.  In addition to this presentation, each student received a “lucky” penny keepsake to make a wish concerning their academic success and growth in the coming school year!


  • After months of waiting, Neimar’s Custom Work, a fine group of volunteers and a staff member from PSSD Maintenance, finally had the chance to erect our new swing set! The weather cooperated and it didn’t take too long to install once the swing set was assembled.  In no time there were shouts of glee from the adults and kids alike!  What a great way to culminate this year’s Education Week of “Supporting and Celebrating Success!”DSC07944
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