Dog Sledding

On January 24th we were treated to a dog sledding demonstration at our school grounds!  Jolene McLeay from Bark Place Pet Spa provided a wonderful presentation about her sport of dog sledding, her experience as a racer and as a recreational dog sledder.   Jolene shared some health and safety information about her working dogs and how they were taught to pull a dog sled.  After the presentation and a brief question period, we went outside so that the students could see the dogs in action!  By the sounds and pulling action as the dogs were harnessed up, it was very apparent the dogs were eager to pull the sled!  The students were quite attentive and cheerful when each of the staff had a turn taking a ride on the dog sled.  After the demonstration the students went back inside to ask more questions and share the many things they learned about this sport and the connections they made!  Our very grateful thanks to Jolene and her assistant Cheryl, for coming to the school and sharing some valuable information about this dying sport!

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