School and Community Winter Feast

It was a day of intense learning and discovery that was truly sprinkled with a lot of fun!!!  The students and staff of Pike Lake School invited school families and all community members to come and enjoy a FREE lunch that was made by the students themselves.  Along with some amazing supervising volunteers, the students prepared and made perogies, Caesar salad,  a variety of vegetables and dessert crepes to serve alongside some baked sausage.  This second annual feast was very well attended by more community members than we had anticipated!  A wonderful compliment to our students and school!

To echo the aboriginal teaching of honoring the elders, the students served the food to all the adults in attendance first – before the students or youngsters!!  We have had many favorable comments relayed back to us about the strength of the students’ capabilities and skills as they worked preparing the meal.  The students aptly demonstrated the knowledge they have gained since the beginning of the year using the kitchen tools and safe food handling!  All of the pupils were very proud of their accomplishments and their ability to put on such a wonderful winter feast for so many participants!

A special thank you is sent to the amazing volunteers we had supervising our student cooking crews!  We could not have done this as well as we did without your help and committed support!  Our thanks to Donna and Dave Nichol, Shauna Lingnau, Dwayne Milton, Brandie Allan, Brad Berschiminsky and Christy Schekk.  We hope you enjoyed and learned too, as you worked close at hand with the cooking teams!

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