Final Lap

Our year end is picking up speed as we round the corner on the final lap before summer holidays begin!  We have partaken in a lot of activities with more to come!  It is an exciting time for students and staff as we near the finish line!

We were saddened to discover that some of our outdoor items went missing over these last few weeks.  We have “lost” a birdbath and some decorated flower pots as well as some other miscellaneous outdoor pieces.  The alumni students had left some of these items as legacy projects and these pieces were supposed to stay with the school as a reminder of their time here.  Some of these objects have been here safe and sound for a number of years – until this year!  It is unfortunate that some folk feel that because an item is outside of a school building that they can “borrow” it for their own use.  Our school works very hard with yearlong fundraising to purchase the things we need for our outdoor learning area and legacy projects.  We sure hope that the items that were borrowed kindly get quietly returned with no questions asked.

Over this last busy month, we welcomed our new Kindergarten students and parents to the school, we acknowledged and thanked our volunteers in an afternoon.  We planted vegetables and flowers as well as transplanted our tomatoes that we grew from the seeds from outer space. (aka the Space Station).  We helped keep our environment clean by collecting and recycling plastic bags and have expanded our time out in nature with the 30 X 30 challenge!  We are looking forward to the upcoming Try-A-Thon on June 15th at Pike Lake Provincial Park!  We invite you to come out and cheer us on as we challenge our bodies to be their best in the swimming, running and cycling courses!

During May, we once again received eggs from the University of Saskatchewan and watched as they successfully hatched into chicks.  The students named the eggs and wondered who would hatch first!  With the aid of a 24 hour camera, students were able to recall data and observe while each of the eggs cracked and opened.  Our learners watched as the hatchlings went from weak and wet fledglings to fluffy chirping chicks!  Once the chicks were strong enough, we sent them home with Farmer Ken to take care of them for their life duration.  We also adopted 10 painted lady caterpillars and watched their transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.  We fed and cared for these butterflies until we released them into the wild.  Having the ability to partake in these two responsibilities was a great illustration of two different life cycles, which in turn prompted curious inquiry from the students.  Students’ interests were substantially piqued and allowed a gateway to open to learning that could not be taught as successfully from a book.

At the end of June we will be saying our farewells to our Grade Four students who will transition to Delisle Elementary School.  We know they are ready to take on new learning and leadership roles in their new school.  We will also be sending our bittersweet well wishes and fond farewell to Diana Jemieff Hayes as she shifts her administrative duties to another school.  Diana will be returning from her maternity leave in January to begin her new role as Principal in Delisle Elementary School.  We know she will have great success as she begins to initiate the same acclaimed programming that she had launched here in Pike Lake.  She will of course have some familiar faces and leaders working with her as she begins her new journey!

June will not be all sadness!  We will be enjoying our traditional yearend swim for the Grades 1-4 students and have added mini-golf to the day’s activities.  We welcome Tara Mayor as our acting principal for the month of June!  Mrs. Mayor comes to us from Willow Park and will stay with us to the end of the year.  She will then begin her new role as Principal in the Eagle Creek Colony School.  If you have any concerns, comments or compliments, Tara welcomes your calls/texts either at the school number (306-668-4808) or @ 306-220-6299.  Commencing in the fall we will have Corinne Dutka take on the administrative role for our school.  Corinne is currently the acting Vice Principal at Warman Elementary School and is excited to join our school family in August.  Corinne has had previous interactions with our school in years past and is so excited to continue with our new programming in the fall!

Wishing one and all a great summer of warmth and sunshine spent with family and friends!  Safe travels as you head out on your adventures and we look forward to hearing about your stories and the memories made when we meet up again!  Happiest Summer Time!

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