Try-A-Thon Success!

     June 15th was a fantastic day at Pike Lake School!  The Pike Lake School Community Council hosted its second ever Try-A-Thon with great success!  The morning was filled with education and fun followed by the afternoon which saw students complete a rigorous Try-A-Thon course.  Most importantly this athletic event was about students coming out to have fun, achieve something personal and special, and for everyone else to cheer and congratulate them on their accomplishments!

This day would not have been possible if not for our sponsors, donors and volunteers.  A Try-A-Thon is a huge event that takes a lot of organizing and resources!  Without the support of our school team, the School Community Council members and parents, our Try-A-Thon would not have been possible.  Hurray to everyone for tor their contributions that allowed for this most amazing Try-A-Thon to come to be!

This long and adventurous day would not have been the same without the Outdoor Ed. Grade 11 students from Delisle Composite School!  The Outdoor Ed. students made each student from Pike Lake School smile and feel encouraged.  Everyone felt inspired to dig deeper and push harder.  We developed our stamina while exercising together and bonds were formed that will last a lifetime in our memories.  All students from Pike Lake School had fun and we hope the Outdoor Ed. learners did too!  Thanks to Erin Hill for helping to coordinate the students with us over the last few months!

We would also like to extend our gratitude to Constable Sean Nave, School Liaison from the Warman RCMP detachment for coming out to help with the day!  Constable Nave is quite familiar with the Triathlon as a competitor and was present to encourage the students as they went through all stages of the Try-A-Thon course.

We would like to gratefully acknowledge these special businesses who believed in our educational event and donated some funds towards putting the event into action:

Pike Lake Community and School Association – Our community backs our school 110% each and every time we do something that involves doing “more” for our students!  They do their best to see that our learning opportunities are not compromised or hindered because of lack of funds and contribute where they can.  PLCSA knows the value of Pike Lake students having different opportunities to enhance their education.  PLCSA has had our back and has ALWAYS been there for us!  Thank you Pike Lake Community and School Association for your support!

Ball & Sons Heating – They have been such a substantial support for our school over the years!  They have supported our many endeavors with monetary donations and we cannot thank them enough for all they have given us.  It is so very rewarding to know they believe in our school and all we do!  Thanks so much Ball & Sons Heating!

UTL Inspections– The branch manager and family of this company have total faith in our school and its programming!  They have provided monetary support for this event as well as providing assistance with physical labour with other various school needs!  They have not been shy to show their support for our school many times over and we are grateful for their financial support for this event!

To the Pike Lake School students – thank you for making it an amazing day!  You should all be very proud of your accomplishment!

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