We Welcome You Back!

Our new academic year is about to begin with some wonderful and exciting activities in store throughout the year!  With last year now in the background, we successfully and actively familiarized our school and community families with our place based learning model.  From the feedback we have received, all the team partners were very happy with the outcomes of our introductory first year.  This year we are even going to be better with all we learned from and with our students and staff!

We warmly welcome Corinne Dutka as our Principal for this upcoming year.  Corinne is on board as our new team leader and is enthused to carry on and expand this model of education in our school.  Over summer, Corinne has been actively pursuing the best ways to connect curriculum and kids through nature.  We also look forward to hosting a new intern, Chelsey Braybrook who will begin on the first day of school and will be staying with us until the end of December.  Chelsey will be learning with us, as well as teaching students in and out of doors.  These ladies have some wonderful ideas to share so be sure to watch what our school will be learning in the next 10 months.

We hope you join us as we journey with our learning this year.  If you have a hobby or leisure activity that you are interested in sharing with us, we invite you to give us a call and we can make arrangements to have you share your knowledge with our students.  You don’t have to be a professional – just someone who is passionate about what they do in any capacity.  It can be birdwatching, wild flower enthusiast, mushroom scavenger, environmentalist, sport guru, rock or bug collector, calligrapher, paper quiller, miniature artist, gemologist and the list goes on.  Anything a student can learn about will be welcomed and we would love to have you connect with us!  Just call us at 306-668-4808 for more information.

Our School Community Council (SCC) has set the date for the annual Welcome Back to School BBQ.  In cooperation with the Pike Lake Community and School Association (PLCSA) there will be a FREE burger/hotdog supper for ALL school families and community members to be held on Thursday, September 14th, 2017 beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the school.  You are welcome to come meet the staff, tour the school and get the low down on what we eagerly do in a school day!  You can also purchase your membership to the PLCSA and register your young ones for the various activities that PLCSA has acquired this year!  So there you have it – three good reasons for you and your family to join us for FREE supper!  Bring your neighbor along to share in the fun!  Mark this date down so you don’t miss out on a FREE and filling enjoyable time!  See you there!

Watch for us out and about in our community as we inquire, discover, build, study and absorb all there is in our own rich backyard environment!

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