Speeding Along!

Our school is definitely in full swing as we wind down towards the end of the calendar year!  It is hard to believe we are almost at the end of November as it seems like we just started school a short time ago.  However, enough academic time has passed that we have already participated in Three Way Interviews with parents/guardians to discuss their child’s progress and learning achievements thus far in the school year.  Interviews are always a great opportunity for parents/guardians, students and teachers to connect and get an in depth look at how well the school year is going for their child.

Recently, our school was endowed with a cheque from Agrium Potash Corporation for our nutritional morning snack program.  It is so wonderful that we have such strong community support from our local Agrium and that they recognize and put value on this program.  We truly appreciate Agrium’s substantial donation to our school and thank them deeply for assisting us monetarily!

Our school was fortunate to have Jeanne Corrigal (a Metis filmmaker and story teller) share with us a parts of her documentary about a Saskatchewan man and skilled tracker, Jim Settee, who saved a young boy up north.  This documentary (Jim Settee: the Way Home) is about a man who touched many people’s lives in his lifetime and helped them find their “way home.”  Through her own eyes, Ms. Corrigal, spoke of the various life experiences of Jim Settee who was also a close friend of her father’s.  She spoke of his teachings being a tender legacy for all people and our varied journeys “home.”  Many lives of others were transformed as a result of Jim’s guidance through his wisdom and kindness.  She aptly engaged the students and staff as she imparted her knowledge of the indigenous culture as told through her experiences.  Thank you Jeanne for your wonderful presentation to our students and staff.

Students have prepared some wonderful crafts to sell at our upcoming annual Pike Lake Community and School Association Craft Sale on Sunday, November 26th.  All proceeds from the sale of their crafts will be put towards enhancement of our student learning.  We invite you to come and see all the crafters and vendors and possibly do some unique Christmas shopping!  Pike Lake School Community Council will operate a concession that will have warm beverages and goodies to enjoy!  We hope you are able to come (and bring your neighbor!) to support these essential community organizations and crafters in our neighbourhood.

As we approach December, our school will once again begin to prepare and excitedly present our Christmas concert performance.  This long standing tradition is always eagerly awaited by the students and community alike.  This year we will be presenting “Melton, The Warm Hearted Snowman” on Thursday, December 21st at Pike Lake Community Hall.  We will have a morning showing at 11:00 a.m. and an evening performance at 7:00 p.m.  Of course, we hope Santa will stop by for a visit in the evening!  These performances are open to the public in addition to the community and school families.  We welcome you to join us and be entertained as we perform and embrace this heartwarming message of the season – it’s all about love!

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