Spring Has Finally Arrived!

As we write this newsy item, it appears that spring has finally sprung for once and for all!  With the fast departure of the last snow and with temperatures rising into double digits we are even more excited to be out and about with our learning!

During the last full week of April, our school cared for our home earth in a variety of ways.  Two of the main activities we participated in were: a.) actively taking part in a recycling plastic bag challenge and b.) pitching in to gather all the garbage and debris from around our school that was left visible once the snow retreated.  The week was a huge success in learning and caring for our environment.

We are happy to announce that our school is once again taking part in the David Suzuki 30 x 30 Nature Challenge during the month of May.  Students and families will be logging at least 30 minutes each day outside in nature for 30 days.  Over the past years with our annual involvement, there has been a steady increase in those participating and logging their times exploring the outdoors.  Of course as we know, connecting with nature signifies a positive impact on being a healthier well being individual!  Why don’t you join us in this movement?  It’s free, it’s inspiring, it’s motivating and most importantly it is FUN!  You can register your involvement @ https://davidsuzuki.org/take-action/act-locally/one-nature-challenge/  You won’t regret it!

We are well underway in our “One Book, One School” endeavor of reading “Adventure According to Humphrey” by Betty G. Birney.  The students have been reading with their parents/guardians and excitedly answering the chapter questions along the way.  We are sure this venture has been successful in encouraging some quality reading time together as a family!  A final celebration will take place in mid May when we culminate our reading adventure.

Our school has become “up to date” with social media and now have a school Twitter account.  To follow us or check us out find us at: @PikeLakeSchool.  Don’t forget to visit our blog page to that has wonderful tidbits of valuable information for you to resource.  E.g. monthly calendars and newsletters, My Prairie Spirit Classroom, special links, school goals, etc.  You can find our blog by visiting: http://blogs.spiritsd.ca/pikelakeschool/  Check it out and discover all the important information about your school in your community.

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