June Is On the Horizon!


As we head towards the finish line of this academic year, we know we are not going to slow down until the very end.  It is always an exciting time for the students as they are aware there is a succession of great learning activities throughout June for them to partake in.  The staff try to keep up with the students’ fervour levels each day and feel the energy they produce!  It is certainly a busy school of learning outdoors and in!

We are currently and actively involved in a reading venture called “Bike for Books.”  The Goose Lake Masonic Lodge continuously promote reading and literacy for all kids in our community.  Once again, they have generously donated a bicycle and helmet to our school to benefit and encourage participation in the reading challenge.  Students must read for 15 minutes to earn a ballot for the draw.  The more a child reads, the greater the chance of winning the bike.  A win for everyone involved!  The draw will be made on our Play Day on June 8th.

Our school stands very proud of the contribution we made towards the collection of plastic bags for the Plastic Bag Grab Challenge in April.  With the help of our community, our small school collected a whopping 3803 plastic bags for the challenge!  That is a phenomenal number which works out to 122.7 bags per student!  Not only did we collect them, we also utilized this challenge to make wonderful connections to the math, language arts, science, health and social studies curriculum components.  A lot of great awareness about plastics pollution was positively generated from the kids and the adults alike as we progressed through this challenge.  We will know at the beginning of June if our school was successful in winning anything over and above keeping our natural world healthier.

Throughout the month of May we have excitedly taken on the challenge of being outdoors for 30 minutes everyday for 30 days.  This 30 x 30 Challenge promoted by the David Suzuki Foundation has been an active practice for our school for the last 5 years so we know and live the benefits of being outdoors. It truly is inspiring to read the list of varied activities the students have experienced when they have ventured out in nature and the curiosities they have encountered while exploring!

Our Play Day is fast approaching and the students are honing their track skills while they practise in the mornings at school.  They are readily excited to get a chance to show off their best efforts to parents and community members who come to cheer them on.  We invite you to come to the school on the morning of Thursday, June 8th to applaud the young athletes as they rotate through all their events.  We extend the invitation to stay and join us for a BBQ lunch from noon to 1:00 p.m. that will be prepared by our local Pike Lake Firefighters.  We are certainly thrilled to have them join our school event and share in the excitement of the day!  We hope to see you there too!

Our school will culminate the year with the annual swim and mini golf at the Provincial Park as well as the Grade Four Farewell at the end of June.  As always, we anticipate the students will end their year delightfully happy and ready to embrace the summer fun!

The staff would like to extend to you our wishes for a most glorious summer of adventures and explorations with your family and friends!  Make some wonderful memories to warm the soul when you reminisce on those cold winter nights!  Have a safe and superb summer time everyone!


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