Nutrition Program

Another great year of learning in the morning snack program has culminated and a terrific year it was!  The students were eager since the beginning of the year to head to the kitchen to see what they were going to make and how it was going to be made.  The students have learned how to read recipes (ELA), how to read and better understand fractions (Math); they better understand measurement and the accuracy of such (Math), learned about the food groups, what foods fits in each group, which food groups their own morning breakfast/snack falls into and which foods are the healthiest choices to eat (Health) – just to name a few competences.  Students have been surprised at how some foods taste better than they thought (spinach, flax seed, chia, dates) and are thrilled and proud to share what they have made with the whole school!  Mrs. Knackstedt and Mrs. Dumanski recently reflected on this program and have proudly noted the growth in the students and the skills they have acquired since the program’s initiation.  The staff have noticed the students have become quicker at preparing and deciphering the recipes, they are more attentive to the use of kitchen appliances, they have enhanced their understanding to follow the “whys” of safety and sanitation in food preparation and they are more curious, more confident with their own abilities.  Of course the students have learned much more than can be listed and we are so proud of their growth in these academic applications!    

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