Mrs. Diana Jemieff Hayes

Jemieff Diana


Principal’s Message

We are excited to announce a unique learning opportunity at Pike Lake School.  We are shifting to a place based learning model of education where students gain knowledge through experience.  Our goal is to engage students in all domains not just their intellect but also their senses, feelings, and personalities.  We are embracing outdoor education as we know the positive impact it has on our students.  Students are spending a good portion of the day outdoors not only on the school ground but also within the community.  This model of education encourages all students to be integrated and engaged together learning from each other.  Instead of traditional grade classrooms, the classrooms have been transformed into experiential learning spaces.  We have developed a soft space, an exploration space, an imagination space, and an active space.  This helps foster 21st century learners that are flexible and creative problem solvers who are empowered through authentic learning situations. All curricular outcomes are still being met but the way we go about it looks differently than what you would traditionally expect.  Please contact myself at the school if you have any questions or would like to arrange a school tour.

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