Beginner Band


Beginning Band is for all students in their first year playing an instrument. Beginners rehearse and are taught in their home schools twice in each 6 day cycle. Each beginner group also come together as a whole (all 7 schools) for several events throughout the school year, including concerts and a Beginner/Advanced Band day retreat (see events page). Students starting in higher grades can be fast tracked into Advanced Band after December if quick progress in made.


  • 1 Duo-Tang – with 3 holed rings &/or pocket pouches
  • Student Planner – practice schedule & planning
  • Division Issued Music Folder & Books
  • Band Instrument – with necessary cleaning supplies & a good supply of reeds
  • 2 Pencils – 1 in folder & 1 in instrument case
  • Pocket sized – Instrument Tuner & Metronome – for home & rehearsal use (ADV & SR)


  • White Dress Shirt/Blouse with collar
  • Black Dress Pants or Skirt (knee length or longer)
  • Black Socks/Leggings
  • Black Shoes


All students have four reporting dates during the year: Late October, January, April and June.  Beginning band students are assessed throughout the year on their progress via assignments using their method book (Soundstart Band Method – provided by the school division), through informal assessment, observations, playing and written testing. All Beginner reporting will be via a written report within the school report card.cleff