Grade 5 Instrumental Music

Weekly Ongoing Homework:  PSSD East Music Practice Log

  • Practice Log to be kept by students, signed by parents/guardians and handed in weekly.

Daily lesson sheets:

Lesson Sheets

5 Dec – Clavet Aberdeen

4th Dec allan colonsay

1st Dec – Clavet Aberdeen

30th November – Colonsay/SCP

28th November – Allan/SCP

27th November – Clavet/Aberdeen

16th Nov


Week of 13th September 2017

Big Questions:

  • What creates sound?
  • What are Pitch and Rhythm?
  • What is the Music Alphabet?
  • What is Solfege?

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IMPORTANT: Prairie Pulse Day 1 completed Day 2 Bus Changes


We are unfortunately and unexpectedly down a bus driver for tomorrow. As such the pick up times have to be adjusted to combine students to one bus. Please accept our apologies for the earlier start for Clavet. (no Dundurn/Hanley pick up)

New pick up times. 
Clavet – 7:50a.m.              Drop off 4:00pm
Aberdeen – 8:25a.m.                      3:30pm

Any students from other schools attending need to get to one of those pick up spots.

Day 1 was a fantastic success for the students in Grade 7-12 in our school division. Over 400 students worked through a brand new piece and split down to work with guest clinicians, including a fantastic lunchtime performance from a University of Saskatchewan Brass Quintet featuring members of the Saskatoon Symphony.

*Fundraiser Reminder* anyone purchasing Saskatoon Blades tickets please remember to return your fundraising sheet tomorrow. *

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