Grade 5 Instrumental Music

Weekly Ongoing Homework:  PSSD East Music Practice Log

  • Practice Log to be kept by students, signed by parents/guardians and handed in weekly.


Week of 13th September 2017

Big Questions:

  • What creates sound?
  • What are Pitch and Rhythm?
  • What is the Music Alphabet?
  • What is Solfege?

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Winter Concert notes! – December 11th

With the Winter concert fast approaching on December 11th here are a few notes below: *Students will be bused after school from their homes school to Lakeview that evening and will need to bring supper. (Christmas concert note coming very soon with more information)

Band Pictures

Band Pictures will take place prior to the concert at Lakeview Church. You can order using the below form. Please hand in your forms to your band teacher or school admin assistant no later than December 8th.

Band order form 2017

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