Intermediate Winds

November 12-20:

We hope you have had a wonderful break!  Now it’s time to get going on the final stretch before the concert!

There are still a few outstanding assignments, so those who have not handed-in their Whirlwind assignment need to hand it in as quickly as possible.  If I do not have it in by Friday, I will be contacting parents over the weekend.

This week we talked about adding style to some of our pieces.  In Jolly Old Sleigh Ride and Shepherd’s Hey, we need to have a light and happy style by making each staccato-ed note short and lightly tongued.  In addition, practice with a metronome at home so you can stay in time.  You can use an original metronome, a metronome app for an tablet or a phone, or search “Online Metronome” into Google.  In fact, the link for an online metronome can be found by clicking here.

In Whirlwind, you need to remember to play using the proper key signatures.  Clarinets, trumpets and saxophones, watch those Sharps!  Everyone else, watch those Naturals!  Also, work with a metronome to keep the same tempo.  We tend to slow down a lot in this piece.

In Sounds and Fury, those who play the melody need to work on those notes and rhythms very carefully, especially the saxophones and trumpets.  Keep practicing this with a metronome as well!

November 2-6:

Your Whirlwind assignment is due this week! Don’t forget to hand it in this week.  If you did not hand it in during class, please email your assignment to Ms. Klippenstein at  If you did not hand your assignment in by November 6, it is considered late.  Please hand it in as soon as possible.

We have begun learning scales from a scale worksheet.  This includes a variety of the first 5 notes in major and minor scales.  We will learn these different scales before Christmas.  These make good warm-ups for beginning your practices at home.

New piece handed-out this week: Jolly Old Sleigh Ride.

Pieces we talked about in rehearsal:

  • Jolly Old Sleigh Ride – Counting will be difficult, as it is an easier piece. Don’t rush!  Practice your eighth note passages, as this is the melody.
  • Shepherd’s Hey – Review this piece from September.  Make sure all of your eighth-note passages are even and accurate for rhythms and notes.  We need to increase the speed quite a bit!
  • Whirlwind – Be independent in each of your lines.   Don’t rely on others to lead you along, as this won’t work in a concert because there are 4 parts play in a round at once!
  • Sound and Fury – Saxophones and Trumpets need practice on their melody.  Other instruments can work on their clarity, with clear separation between songs.

October 26-30:

Discussion topics this week:  Major vs. Minor.  A video we watched related to this topic switched major songs to minor and vice versa.  Watch it here.

New items: Whirlwind assignment.  Students have been given an assignment related to our discussions about the Medicine Wheel and the 4 elements in First Nations culture, as well as the concepts of new sounds introduced in Whirlwind.  You can access this assignment here.  This assignment is due next week on November 3-5, depending on which day band is in your hometown.


  • Sound and Fury – especially around measure 19-53.
  • Whirlwind – we need to be very secure in our notes and steady rhythms before we can make this piece sound as free as it was composed to sound.
  • Shepherd`s Hey – review the notes and rhythms, as this will be performed at the Christmas concert.
  • Jolly Old Sleigh Ride – new piece!  You know the drill.  Practice your fingerings and counting carefully.

October 19-23:

Here’s a reminder to continue practicing and be “Happy” about it!  This arrangement of “Happy” is by a 5-member, a capella group called Pentatonix.  Look up videos on Youtube of this group, as their covers on Youtube are well worth the time spent watching!

This week, we have implemented a new points system for our rehearsals.  If you remember to bring your pencil, instrument/book, and good attitude to class, you will increase your points tally by 3 points.  At a point tally we decide on, you will receive a small prize! In addition, you should be practicing at least 20 minutes a day.  It is extremely important that our songs’ melodies and rhythms are secure by next class, as we only have a month and a half until our Winter Concert!  It will come very quickly!

We have been working on Sound and Fury lately, as our melodies and rhythms needs some dedicated practice to fix.  In addition, we must be secure in the melody of Whirlwind, so we can put it together as a round.  At home, practice counting the rhythm aloud as you clap, as this will help you to keep track of where you are.  You can also practice fingering passages you find difficult before you put breath through your instrument.  Work hard this week!

This week in music: 

  • October 14, 1977: Bing Crosby died at the age of 76.
  • October 14, 1990: Famous conductor and composer, Leonard Bernstein, died.  He composed the music for West Side Story, a story inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

October 13-16:

This week in band class, we:

  • Handed-in the Full Band Assignment and a list of 5 different compositions  by Handel.
  • Whirlwind:  Work on having a good sound while practicing all of Section B for correct notes and rhythms.  Watch out for that new key signature!
  • Sound and Fury:  Your rhythms and notes should be fairly secure by now.  If they aren’t work on them so they are secure by the end of this week.  We are beginning to work on the style of this piece.

Brass players, we are excited to hear what you learned on our trip to the workshop in Regina on Wednesday, October 14!  Let’s share what you learned with the rest of the class!


Since the brass players are in Regina on October 14, you have been given an assignment.  You assignment can be found in this document: Oct. 14th Aberdeen Class Assignments.  Enjoy your Wednesday!

October 5 – October 9

  1. Work on the assignment in lieu of the cancelled Full Band rehearsal on October 5th.  This assignment,  Intermediate Assignment October 5th, will be due for the week of October 13-16, and will be collected in class.
  2. In addition, students will be asked to provide the list of compositions by Handel that they listened to last week.

This Week in Music History:

October 7, 1976 – “A Fifth of Beethoven” by Walter Murray and the Big Apple Band hits the top of the charts with this disco arrangement of the classical Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, 1st movement.

Intermediate Band October 5th – Assignment for home practice

Please find the assignment for home practice here: Intermediate Assignment October 5th.

Intermediate Class Sept 29-Oct 2nd

Using adjectives to describe music and finding sounds and articulations on our instruments to match those adjectives.

Homework assignments:

  • What time period did Handel live in?
  • Find and listen to 5 different compositions by Handel
  • Practice: Sound and the Fury
  • Method book Pg 20 Handel excerpt – use three different Articulations/styles