Clavet Class Schedule

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Clavet Class Schedule Sep-Dec 2016 (Day B, D, F)

Attendance at all classes is essential for success of the groups and part of on-going student assessment.

Date Day Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
9/9 F Snr Beg Int
13/9 B Beg Int Snr
14/9 Division Rehearsal (Allan 1-4:30pm)
15/9 D Beg Int. Brass/Perc
20/9 F Snr Beg Int
22/9 B Beg Int Snr
26/9 D Beg Int. WW’s
28/9 F Snr Beg Int
28/9 Division Rehearsals
30/9 B Beg Int Snr
4/10 D Beg Int. Brass/Perc
6/10 F Snr Beg Int
      12/10 B Beg Int Snr
      Division Rehearsals (p.m.)
14/10 D Beg Int. WW’s
18/10 F Snr Beg Int
20/10 B Beg Int Snr
24/10 D Beg Int Brass/Perc
26/10 F Snr Beg Int
Division Rehearsal (p.m.)
28/10 B Beg Int Snr
1/11 D Beg Int WW’s
2/11 Division Rehearsals
3/11 F Snr Beg Int
7/11 B Beg Int Snr
9/11 D Beg Int Brass/Perc
15/11 F Snr Beg Int
16/11  Division Rehearsals
17/11 B Beg Int Snr
21/11 D Beg Int WW’s
23/11 F No Class
25/11 B Beg Int Snr
29/11 D Beg Int Brass/Perc
30/11 Division Rehearsals
1/12 F Snr Beg Int
5/12 B Beg Int Snr
7/12 D  (No Classes)
9/12 F Snr Beg Int
13/12 B Beg Int Snr
14/12 Division Rehearsals
15/12 D Beg Int WW’s
19/12 F Snr Beg Int


AM Classes:   1.  9-10am  2.  10-11am   3.  11:15am-12:15pm

PM Classes: 4. 1-2pm 5. 2-3pm


Band Schedule
Day B Day D Day F
Period 1 Beginners (Ms. Werner) Seniors
Period 2 Intermediates (Mrs. Shabatoski) Beg (Mr. Stewart)
Period 3 Seniors Intermediates (Mr. Priel)
Period 4 Beginner Sectionals*
Period 5 Intermediate Sectionals*

*Sectionals alternate between Woodwinds one week (Flutes/Saxophones/Clarinets) and Brass/Percussion the next (Trumpet/Trombone/Baritone/All Percussionists)