Senior Tour – Final Details

Please find attached all information for Senior Band tour this coming Thursday. Be ready to depart from Clavet at 8:30am on Thursday morning and be in concert dress.

In Word Document format – Click here to open–> : Senior Band Trip – Details 2017

All information pasted below:

Senior Band Trip – May 11-14 2017

IMPORTANT: Keep this on you at all times!

Contact Information:

  • Streisel (306-262-2326)
  • Martin (306-281-9930)
  • Ward (306-241-7060)

Other teachers and chaperones are:

  • Wist, Mrs. Gibbard, Mrs. Peters, and Leslie Schmidt


Thursday, May 11th

Prep: Wear concert dress on the bus and bring a packed lunch.

8:30AM: Pick up East Band at Clavet School

9:00AM: Pick up West Band at Walmart (225 Betts Ave location)

12:00PM: Arrive in Lloydminster – Eat lunch and set up for afternoon Concert

1:00PM: Concert at St. Thomas School in Lloydminster

2:00PM: Pack up and Depart for Edmonton (can change into casual clothing)

5:00PM: Arrive at Hotel (Best Western Westwood)

6:00PM: Supper in West Edmonton Mall

7:00PM: Go to William Hawrelak Park (Weather Dependent)

8:30PM: Return to Hotel

10:30PM: Lights out

Friday, May 12th

Prep 1: Bring swimwear if you are going to the Waterpark today.

Prep 2: Bring your concert dress or suitable concert attire for this evenings concert.

8:00AM: Breakfast in the hotel

8:30AM: Depart for University of Alberta

9:00AM: Warmup and Rehearsal at the U of A

10:00-11:30AM: Clinic with Dr. Angela Schroeder

11:30AM: Return to WEM for Lunch

1:00PM: Mall Activity #1 (Waterpark)

5:00PM: Supper (at the Old Spaghetti Factory)

6:30PM: Depart for the Edmonton Symphony Concert

7:30PM: Edmonton Symphony Concert

9:00PM: Return to Hotel

10:30PM: Lights Out

Saturday, May 13th

Prep: Bring appropriate clothing for outside weather.

7:30AM: Breakfast

8:30AM: Depart for Fort Edmonton

9:15AM: Fort Edmonton Tour and Activities

12:00PM: Return to WEM for Lunch

1:00PM: Mall Activity #2 (Galaxyland)

4:15PM: Depart to Telus Science Centre

5:15PM: Planetarium IMAX Presentation

6:00PM: Exploring the Telus Science Centre (and supper)

8:00PM: Return to hotel

10:30PM: Lights out

Sunday, May 14th

8:00AM: Breakfast

9:00AM: Depart for home

12:00PM: Lunch in Lloydminster/Journal Presentations

4:00PM: Arrive in Clavet

4:30PM: Arrive at Walmart (225 Betts Ave location)


Clavet School: Hwy 16 Service Rd. N, Clavet, SK S0K 0Y0

Walmart West: 225 Betts Ave, Saskatoon

St.Thomas School: 35 St, Lloydminster, AB T9V 3J2

Best Western Westwood: 18035 Stony Plain Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 1A9

West Edmonton Mall: 8882 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2

William Hawrelak Park: 9330 Groat Rd, Edmonton, Alberta T5M 3K1, Canada

University of Alberta Music Department: 2-7, Fine Arts Building, 87 Avenue 112 St NW,

Fort Edmonton: 7000 143 Street, Edmonton, AB T6H 4P3

Telus Science Centre: 1211 142 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 4A1

Packing Checklist

  • Music
  • Instrument
  • Reeds/Oils/Mutes/Sticks/Mallets
  • Concert Dress
  • School Homework
  • PJs and Toiletries
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Extra spending cash (snacks and extra purchases)
  • Packed lunch for Thursday
  • Swimwear for those going to the Waterpark
  • Please pack only one luggage piece for under the bus and one carry-on for the bus.

Food Information:

  • All of your meals are provided. This includes:
    • Breakfast at the hotel
    • Money provided for you at lunch/supper
    • Remember to pack a lunch for the first day!
    • It would be a good idea to pack some extra spending cash for snacks (or if you want to purchase a larger lunch/supper).

Waterpark Info:

For those attending the Waterpark here are a few extra bits of information you will need:

  • Locker rental for your clothes/belongings – $8 for small lockers (1-2 people) or $12 for a large locker (3-4 people)
  • Tube rental is $6 (optional)
  • Pack a towel!

Student Information:

It is expected that each band member is responsible for their duties on this trip. The success of tour is dependent on group dynamics and team work! A few guidelines:

  • Look, act, and be professional. Remember you are representing your community and your band program.
  • Students are expected to remain with the group at all times unless instructed otherwise. While on your free time the Buddy System is to be adhered to.
  • Loud noises are not permitted on the bus as it may distract the driver. Please make sure to keep the bus clean (everyone shares this responsibility).
  • Quiet and sleep is expected after “lights out”
  • You are responsible for your own personal belongings
  • Be helpful. Do not stand and talk while others are working.
  • Be aware that you are guests in the hotel, please act accordingly.
  • Please and Thank-you.
  • Leave the area better than you found it.
  • Chaperones and the bus driver are in charge in the absence of the Directors and their decisions and directives are to be followed.
  • Have Fun!

All students and parents must be aware that this trip is a School Division sponsored event and all school rules/regulations of behavior apply. Any student found to be or suspected of participating inappropriately (ex. smoking, alcohol, drugs, breaking curfew, etc.) will immediately be sent home at his/her expense. The Band Directors, School Principals and Superintendent of Schools and Learning will deal with the situation upon returning home.


It is a tradition on the tour that we create positive memories to keep forever.

(this assignment is NOT optional!!!)

Prepare your experience & memories of this trip in the form of a;

  • Poem 2) Story 3) Film 4) Song 5) Journal 6) photo log … or other

This can be in small groups or (Han)solo.

We will be presenting these on the return journey of the tour.

To help collect your thoughts you can fill in the attached daily journal – Feel free to use bullet points/ lyrics/drawings whatever inspires you.

Prairie Spirit Senior Band Tour

Reflection – Day 1 (Thursday, May 11th)

Take this space below to write down events and experiences that happened during the first day of Tour, this will help you with your overall tour assignment to be presented on the final night.  You can use bullet points, write a journal, draw pictures, poems etc.. your choice.



Five things I have learned today:

Reflection – Day 2 (Friday, May 12th)

Take this space below to write down events and experiences that happened during the Second day of Tour, this will help you with your overall tour assignment to be presented on the final night.  You can use bullet points, write a journal, draw pictures, poems etc.. your choice.





Five things I have learned today:

Reflection – Day 3 (Saturday, May 13th)

Take this space below to write down events and experiences that happened during the third day of Tour, this will help you with your overall tour assignment to be presented on the final night.  You can use bullet points, write a journal, draw pictures, poems etc.. your choice.





Five things I have learned today:



Chaperone Guidelines:

  • Thank you for volunteering to be a chaperone on one of the various travel opportunities that our music students are involved in.  You are an integral part of the travel experience and your assistance is much appreciated.  Please enjoy the trip.
  • Too much noise is usually the only problem on a bus full of students.  Gentle reminders are appropriate.  Constant offenders should be moved elsewhere on the bus (in front or beside you).
  • I ask that you be present with the director/students in warm-up areas, seated in performance locations, or while being moved.
  • Please check that all rehearsal rooms and warm-up areas are left as they are found and that none of our belongings are left behind.
  • Be prepared to help students with any personal matters; holding wallets/purses, sewing buttons, etc.
  • On overnight trips, you will be assigned a specific number of students and you will become their band parent for the duration of the trip. You will be responsible for room checks, curfew reminders, return of room keys, etc.
  • Remember that you are in charge if the director is absent temporarily. Do not be hesitant to assert your authority if needed.  The director will support your decision 100%.

Week ahead!

Hope you had a great weekend, today starts off a busy week as we draw towards the Spring Concert on May 29th.

Monday to Wednesday – Regular Classes

Wednesday Afternoon – Senior Tour Rehearsal

Students going on Tour must attend.

Pickup times:

Bus #1 – Paul Baby – Bus #276 – Allan – 12:00p.m.; Clavet – 12:25p.m.

Bus #2 – Gail Semchyshen – Bus 220 – 12:15p.m – Aberdeen

Students will be returned the same time as normal division rehearsals.

Thursday to Sunday – Senior Tour (NO beginner/Intermediate retreat on Saturday)

Updated tour Itinerary posted shortly, be at Clavet School to depart at 8:30am

Monday Beginner Band retreat at Allan School (No Regular Classes)

All Beginners at Aberdeen, Clavet and Dundurn will be bussed at 9:00am from their home schools. Colonsay students will be picked up at 9:30am.

All student will be returned for the school end. Students need to bring Instruments, music and packed lunch. 

And just in case you missed the most important celebrations last week it was National Tuba Day on May 5th and Music Monday on May 1st!

Saskatchewan Band Association Summer Band Camps

For anyone looking to continue playing over the summer and increase their skills PLEASE consider attending one of the great SBA Band camps held across the province.

The Band Camp Registration and information can be found at the following link:…

  • The Band Parents Association offer scholarships for Summer Band Camps and Family account money can also be used to go towards fees.

Bandroom News: Penultimate division rehearsal this week!

Happy (Early) Music Monday!

The World’s largest annual celebration of music is Monday May 1st. Our East Junior Showband students under the direction of Ms. Worman will be performing at a Prairie Spirit School Division Music Monday concert in Warman. The concert will feature staff and students from across the division and starts at 7:30pm at Warman Middle School, entry by donation.

Penultimate Division Band Rehearsal this coming Wednesday

We are already left with just TWO division rehearsals until the final concert. Attendance at these curricular rehearsals are VITAL to prepare for our final Spring concert. PLEASE ensure that students attend this Wednesday May 3rd.

University of Saskatchewan Student Teachers

We would like to welcome two University of Saskatchewan Education students to the division in one and three week placements. Benjamin Black and Shannon Butler will be accompanying Mr. Martin over the next few days and weeks. Please stop to say hi if you see them around!

Used Instruments to donate or sell

If anyone has any band instruments at home that are unused, or know of someone that does, the Beginner Band+ program is looking for instruments to build capacity in each of our 7 communities for grades 5 and 6. Please contact Mr. Martin ( if you would like to donate or sell any instruments.

Upcoming dates:

May 1st: Music Monday – East Junior Showband performing with other musicians from across the division. 7:30pm @ Warman Middle School, admission by donation

May 3rd: Division Band Rehearsal in Allan

May 10th: Senior Tour Rehearsal in Asquith 1-4pm

May 11th-14th: Senior Band Tour – Edmonton w/PSSD West Seniors

May 15th – Beginner Day Retreat – Allan

May 25th/26th – In Division Tours      

May 29th – Spring Concert East – Lakeview Church 7pm.

May 31st – Spring Concert West – Seniors only – Lakeview Church 7pm

June 14th – Final Division Rehearsal – Allan

Weekend Events:

For anyone with spare time over the weekend or senior students in need of a concert to review please check out some of the great shows this weekend.

Saskatoon Brass Band presents: ‘Showcase’ (Featuring Silas Friesen – Trumpet) Saturday April 29th – 2:30pm  Grace Westminster United Church, Admission by donation.

Celebrate Canada! Saskatoon Concert Band featuring the Music of David Kaplan
Lighthouse Victory Church, 2802 Rusholme Road, Saskatoon, SK
Saturday, April 29, 2017 7:30pm
$20/adults $10/students & seniors
‘The Way The West Was Swung’ – Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra featuring PJ Perry (Saxophone) & BJ Harris (Vocalist)
Sunday April 30th
7:30pm at the Broadway Theatre

Bandroom notes – Post Easter Break

Hope everyone had a great Easter Break!

  •   There is no division rehearsal tomorrow. It is the West Division rehearsal in Asquith. There are however only two more division rehearsals in Allan before our Spring concert                           May 3rd    and May 17th                                                        (Seniors going on tour will attend rehearsal at Asquith on May 10th)                                      14th June – Final Division Rehearsal and wrap up
  • Seniors need to confirm attendance or non attendance on tour AT THE LATEST BY WEDNESDAY APRIL 26th to Mr.Martin so hotel, restaurant, activities and final cost can be booked definitively.
  • There is NO beginner/Junior retreat on May 13th
  • The East Band Program is reaching out to ask for any instrument donations or sales to build our school inventory for the coming 2017/18 school year for beginner band +. Each of our East schools is building their own inventory of instruments. Please contact Mr. Martin if you know anyone that might have an instrument to donate or sell to any East School.

Senior Tour – May 11th-14th – Edmonton

Senior Band Tour and Band Tour

May 11th-14th                   Full letter and registration —->   Tour 2017 letter

Dear Senior Concert Band Parents & Students,

The East and West Senior Ensembles will again join forces to tour to Edmonton. The trip will include working with first class clinicians in Edmonton, School Performances and watching the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra with the famed young and exciting Violin Soloist Simone Porter.

We will also be taking educational trips to the Edmonton Science center, Planetarium and also a special hands on look into our Heritage and Canadian history, taking part in the ‘Fur Trade Challenge’ at Fort Edmonton.

There are three different price points for tour based on whether students want to take part in special activities in West Edmonton Mall. We have two allotted times for activities inside the Mall. Students can choose or decide to opt out from the three choices.

Students will be staying in West Edmonton Mall for three nights, leaving Thursday May 11th Morning and returning Sunday May 14th.

This is a fantastic opportunity and learning experience for all students and for the program and we want to do everything we can to ensure that everyone attends and we put on the best possible performance we are capable of.  Please find payment plans attached.

It is however important that we know final numbers before the Easter break to confirm with Hotels and events. Please contact Mr. Streisel, Ms. Wist or Mr. Martin to confirm attendance or if you have any questions.

Thank you again for your patience and support, 

Will Martin                                              Andra Wist                                                   Adam Streisel

Band Director PSSD East                   Band Director PSSD East/West           Band Director PSSD West                           

Tel: 306 281 9930                                                                                                           Tel: 306 262 2326

Tentative Schedule                                                                       May 11th– 14th


Wednesday 10th May:                      East and West Senior Joint Division Rehearsal Allan 1pm-4pm

Thursday May 11th :

        AM:                                                                         PM:

9:00am Leave Clavet                                                 12:00pm Arrive at Lloydminster – Lunch and Concert Set up

 1:00pm Concert at Lloydminster

  2:00pm Pack up and Depart for Edmonton

  5:00pm Arrive at Hotel

  6:00pm Supper

  7:00pm Evening Activity

Friday May 12th:

AM:                                                                         PM:

8:00am Breakfast                                                           1pm – Science center (Planetarium)

9:00am Mall Activity #1                                            5pm Early Supper

12pm Lunch                                                                7:30pm Edmonton Symphony Concert


Saturday May 13th:

         AM:                                                                        PM:

7:30am Breakfast                                                          12:00pm Lunch

8:30am Depart for Fort Edmonton                        1:00pm Mall Activity #2

9:15am – Fort Edmonton                                        6:00pm Supper

  7:30pm Evening activity – Cinema (Imax)

Sunday May 14th:

          AM:                                                                     PM:

8:00am Breakfast                                                12:00pm Lunch in Lloydminster/Journal Presentations

9:00am Depart for home                                   4:00pm Return Home to Clavet


Travel Cost

  1.  $ 350.00 (Two Activities)      2. $322 (One activity)      3. $293 (No West Ed Activity)

There are three choices of activity pass:

1 – World Water park        2 – Galaxyland amusement park    3 – 2 Mini Activities

Mini Activities (Choice of 2)

            Marine Life         Ed’s Rec Room         Dragons Tale Blacklight Mini-Golf        Professor Wem’s Mini-Golf

Deposit of 100.00 due April 12, 2017

Final Payment due May 3rd, 2017

**includes bus, accommodations, activities & all meals **

** Cheques made out to Band Parents Association*

Senior Band – Resonate Student Music Conference – April 7th

Senior Band – Resonate Music Conference – Friday, April 7th 2017

We are excited to offer a band inclusive day at the PSSD Resonate music conference this year! The band students will get a chance to work with a number of great band clinicians including Dr. Larry Livingston, Chris Crockarell, and Chris Brooks (more clinicians and info can be found here:   This is Inot an overnight retreat any more. Just a day retreat.

  • Location: Beaver Creek Salvation Army Camp
  • Time: 8:30AM-3:00PM
  • What to bring:
    • Water bottle
    • Indoor shoes or slippers
    • Headphones
    • Musical Instrument, music, and pencil
    • Money (optional) – Retail vendors will be on site offering special pricing for music supplies and products. Some vendors will be able to do interact or credit, others will be cash only.
  • Other:
    • Lunch is provided
    • Please dress for the weather
  • Bus Schedule (Clavet – Beaver Creek)

Students need to meet at 7:45AM at Clavet School (Dundurn/Hanley/SCP can travel direct if they wish – please let your teacher know)

Depart: 7:45AM         Return: 3:40PM(ish)

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You can contact me by email ( or by phone (306-281-9930).

Optimist Festival – Intermediate and Senior Recap

Congratulations to all Intermediate/Senior students from PSSD East and West who took part in the Regina Optimist Festival this past Thursday and Friday. Both groups played really well and got a silver recommendation from the adjudicators.

The Intermediates and Seniors both got to work with outstanding Clinicians in Frank Tracz and Gillian MacKay

Please find below the Adjudicators reports: (recordings coming soon)

Senior Adjudicator Comments:

Intermediate Adjudicator Comments: