Senior Band Division Tour – June 2, 2014

>> Senior Band Division Tour June 2_2014

7:45 Bus pick up Langham (WWBrown), Perdue School
8:00 Bus pick up Dalmeny HS, Asquith
8:15 Bus pick up Delisle
8:45 Arrive at Vanscoy School.  Set up.
9:15 Perform
10:00 Load truck and go to Delisle
11:00 Perform at Delisle Elementary
12:00 Load truck and go to Asquith. Eat lunch
1:00 Concert at Asquith (Perdue School at Asquith)
2:00 Put equipment away
Take bus back to school (Perdue go on the bus that the school took to Asquith)
Remember….. Music, Instrument, Uniform and Lunch!

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