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RHS Final Exam Schedule January 2018.docx

RHS Final Exam Schedule – January 2018




January 25

Day 5


January 26

Day 6


January 29

Day 1


January 30

Day 2


January 31st


9:00 AM

Grade 10



Grade 11



Grade 12


History 10 (LM)



Science 10 (BK)



Life Tr. 20 (AF)



No School


Phys. Science 20 (JR)


Comm. Media 20/30 (RZ)




PAA 30 (EG/RZ)



ELA 30A (AF)


Comm. Media 20/30 (RZ)


Pre-Calc. 30 (JR)



PAA 30 (EG/RZ)


1:00 PM

Grade 10



Grade 11



Grade 12


ELA 10 (JK)



PAA 10 (RZ/EG)


Wellness 10 (BK)


Math F. 10 (JR/BE)


Math F. 30 (JR)


Psych. 30 (LM)



PE 30 (BK)


BIO 30 (BK)




Psych. 30 (LM)



PE 30 (BK)


BIO 30 (BK)


Our Mission: A Partnership For Success

Rosthern High School is one of forty-four schools in the Prairie Spirit School Division #206. We are a part of one of the largest rural school divisions in the province of Saskatchewan and are proud of the programs we are able to offer our students.

Our School Vision: RHS is a diverse community dedicated to helping its students on their personal journey of growth and achievement. We become our best in a safe and challenging environment that encourages and supports calculated risk-taking, cooperation, fun and respect.


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Skating Dates & Times

Gr 6 to 12:
Dec 22nd – 10:30 – 12:00