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cafeteria Our Cafeteria offers nutritious, low-cost, meals for our students.

For purchasing the daily menu items, Kindergarten to Grade Two students pay $3 per day, Grades Three to Six pay $3.50 per day, and High School students purchase a meal for $5. There are also a variety of a-la-carte items available such as sandwiches, soups, milk, and juice.

Date Meal Soup
7 Chicken Ranch Wrap/Wedges Mushroom
8 Cheeseburgers and fries Beef barley
9 Chicken stirfry Chicken noodle
10 Greek Ribs/Caesar Salad  Minestrone
11 Taco Salad Soup of the Day
14 Chicken Alfredo Cream of Celery
15 Dry Ribs/Caesar Salad Chicken noodle
16 Pancakes and bacon Hamburger
17 Pizza Quesadillas/Veggies  Minestrone
18 Indian Taco Soup of the day
21 Meat Loaf/Mashed Potatoes Cream of Mushroom
22 Hot Dog & Fries Vegetable
23 Farmer Sausage & Rice Chicken Noodle
24 Beef Dip & Fries Cream of Celery
25 Smokies and Perogies Soup of the day
28 Wings/Veggies Beef Barley
30 Chicken Burger/Wedges  Beef Barley
31 Hot Hamburger/Mashed Potatoes Tomato

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