Cell Phone Etiquette

  • Pay Attention to what is happening in the classroom. When the teacher begins class your phone should be put away and not visible. During instruction keep your phone out of sight.
  • Silence your phone during class. Better yet turn it off.
  • Messages can wait until after class to respond to.
  • Do Not Answer Phone Calls, if a phone call comes through decline it. You can call back after class is over.
  • Emergencies: Parents are to call the main office and leave a message or request to speak with their child.
  • Educational Usage: On occasion you will be asked to use educational apps to complete assignments or you may be asked to research using the internet. This is not a time to answer messages and to catch up on social media posts.
  • Listening to Music is allowed during independent work time. If you choose to listen to music during work time come prepared with your headphones and playlists. Do not waste time scrolling through songs, log into your playlist and push play (it’s simple!)
  • Pictures are not to be taken in the
  • Cell Phone Calculators are not prohibited. When completing assignments and tests you will need to use a scientific calculator (not an app).

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Not following the cell phone etiquette in my class will result in placing your phone in my cell phone basket for the remainder of class. Defiance will be sent to the office.