Unit 1: Square Roots and Surface Area

Gr 9 Math Unit 1 Notes

Unit 2: Powers and Exponent Laws

Gr 9 Math Unit 2 Notes

Unit 3: Rational Numbers

Gr 9 Math Unit 3 Notes

 video-intro to rational numbers

Unit 4: Linear Relations

Gr 9 Math Unit 4 Notes

Review Videos:

writing a linear equation when given a table of values – video

graphing a line by plotting points – video

Slope and y intercept – video

horizontal and vertical lines – video

Interpolation and Extrapolation – Video

Unit 5: Polynomials

Gr 9 Math Unit 5 Notes

Polynomial games

Review Videos:

Intro to Polynomials

Simplify Polynomials and Khan Academy version

Adding Polynomials

Subtracting Polynomials

Unit 6: Solving Equations and Inequalities

Gr 9 Math Unit 6 Notes

Unit 7: Similarity and Transformations

Gr 9 Math Unit 7 Notes

Unit 8: Circle Geometry

Gr.9 Math Unit 8 Notes

Unit 9: Probability and Statistics

Gr 9 Math Unit 9 Notes


Games and websites

Horizon compilation of games

Instructional videos

Introduction to square roots

Understanding Square Roots

Approximating square roots

How do you  find the Square Root of a fraction

Introduction to the Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem