School Community Council

Traditions Elementary School Community Councils

A primary link between the home, community and school

Our School Community Council (SCC) supports student learning success and well-being and encourages parent and community involvement in the school. Prairie Spirit School Division believes that involvement with SCCs is a rewarding and meaningful activity for parent and community members.

School Community Council 2017-2018

Cyndee Boos (Chair) – 1 year term
PH: 306-717-5517
Jillian Batting (Vice Chair) – 1 year term
PH: 306-713-1117
Ceri Fletcher (Secretary) – 2 year term
PH: 306-291-7914 
Courtney Goerzen – 1 year term
PH: 306-262-6610
Leanne Jenson – 2 year term
PH: 306-229-1831
Ashlie Beutler – 1 year term
PH: 306-291-8895
Marshall Seed – 2 year term
PH: 306-371-5327
Kimberly Kenke – 2 year term
PH: 306-955-7347
Michelle Weber – 2 year term
PH: 306-380-1326
Scott Dyck (Administration Representative)
PH: 306-683-5200
Danielle Olson (Administration Representative)
PH: 306-683-5200
 Sam Dyck (Division Board Representative)
PH: 306-933-2805 
 (Teacher Representative)
PH: 306-683-5200
Arlynn Redekopp (member-at-large)
PH: 306-920-7944

Successful schools don’t just happen.

They need parent and community involvement!