Olympic Fitness Challenge

Earlier this week our Kindergarten to Grade 4 classes we were challenged by Warman Elementary to participate an Olympic Fitness Challenge from February 5th to 16th.  Students have been asked to keep track of the number of minutes they participate in physical activity outside of the school day in 15 minute blocks on Tracking Sheets provided.  When students reach 5 hours of activity they can bring in their Tracking Sheet to the office and grab a new one if they would like to continue tracking their physical activity until the 16th.  Below is a electronic copy of the Tracking Sheet if you are wanting to print more at home.

Thank you to all of our students for taking some time to be physically active at home and in the community.  Thank you to those students who have returned their completed sheets and who have been eager to take another one.  We have 1 more week to go to be more physically active than our counterparts in Warman.  We got this!!!!!

VMS activity tracking sheet