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Great Turn out for Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

Thank you to all of you that were able to attend our Parent/Student/Teacher interviews prior to the Break. We had over 90% of parents show up for a conversation with/about their child. As a school we are working on continuing the efforts to make the school a warm and welcoming place for students and parents alike and your participation in our two evenings of conferences shows us that we are achieving this goal. Thank you to everyone for your support of VMS.

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Anti-Bullying Day is Every Day at VMS

As the Province acknowledges Anti Bullying Day by wearing Pink today we celebrate this with them and take time to remind students about what bullying is and isn’t and what you should do if you feel as though someone is using their power over you. Bullying is a form of aggression where there is a power imbalance; the person doing the bullying has power over the person being victimized and it is done over a period of time. Though today is singled out as a day to take notice, we at VMS treat every day as a Anti Bullying day. We acknowledge that there are incidents that take place where one student makes another feel uncomfortable or threatened but have faith in us that we deal with those situations and seek an outcome where students feel as though they are heard and safe. When an ongoing situation arises we bring in parents and possibly counseling to assist the student(s) to make better choices and see the impact of their actions. We also are working closely with our RCMP Liaison, Constable Nave, around providing students with information on cyber bullying and proper use of Social Media. Thanks to everyone in our VMS community as we work towards educating your/our students towards a safe and successful future.

VMS Staff

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018 – Daily Annoucements

  • Grade 7 and 8 Basketball games at Ecole Holy Mary today and tomorrow are cancelled, as the Holy Mary team is short on players. – Mr. Gartner
  • Pink Shirt Day in Saskatchewan – Related to Anti-Bullying Day.  Teachers take a minute to talk to your students about what bullying is and isn’t as we work towards making and keeping VMS a safe environment for everyone.
  • Congratulations to our Gr. 5 Boys basketball players for a great game yesterday at noon at Lake Vista.  All 10 players scored at least one basket during the game! Our Grade 6 boys play Lake Vista today at 12:00 in our gym.  Good luck guys!
  • Gr. 5 – 8 Healthy Hunger Subway lunch on Friday, March 9.  Orders are due by this Friday.
  • Birthday – Hannah P.(Gr.1)
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