Tuesday, June 26th- Daily Announcements

1.Congratulations to our Grade 8’s on a successful Farewell last night.  We hope you all enjoyed the evening.  Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, invited guests and staff that were in attendance.  Thank you to the Grade 7 classes for the delicious treats and for attending the dance as well.  Grade 8’s are off to Saskatoon this morning for their annual Bike Trip.  We hope you have a great/safe trip!

2. Our Gr. 5/6’s and 6’s are off to Clip N Climb today.  We hope you have a great day on their fantastic course today.  Be safe and have fun!

3. School Jersey’s-Please hand them in to Mr. Cox right away!

Happy Birthday: Matthew S. (6) and Sofia T. (K)

July 10-29 Birthdays: Gracie C (5), Caleb G. (6), Brooklyn J. (2), Owen C. (1), Callen F. (1), Brielle M. (1), Lukas A. (2), Kyuss B. (3), Molly R. (1), Caelan S. (7), Haidyn Y. (2), Alexa F. (3), Dilon H. (7), Andrea T (K), Liam W. (2), Ryder A. (6), Briyanna R. (5), Kane S. (7), Jaden A. (1), Mason L. (7), Nicko K. (6), Finn R. (8), Nico D. (3), Abi D. (8), Levi M. (1),  Jakson D. (7), Dominick R. (7), Latrell B. (7), Avery L. (K), Nevin V. (6) and Kinsey I. (2)