Valley Manor School

Working Together for Student Success



The Valley Manor School Community Council is made up of parent, community, and school staff members. The School Community Council (SCC) exists to:

  • Support student learning success and well being
  • Encourage parent and community involvement and engagement in the school

2018-2019 SCC Parent/Community Members are:

  • Rhonda Toth- Chairperson
  • Robyn Jamieson- Vice Chair
  • Christina Grey- Secretary
  • Nikki Pearson
  • Chelsea Choponis
  • Steph Gartner
  • Joannie McLean
  • Adrienne Wiker
  • Leah Kluz
  • Kari Dean
  • Heather Isaac
  • Cam Isaac
  • Samantha Lissinna
  • Melissa Stevenson

The Valley Manor School SCC holds monthly meetings (typically the third Monday beginning at 6:30 pm). The meetings are open to the public and the Council welcomes your attendance. Please note that individuals wishing to place items on the agenda must do so through written request to the SCC Chair at least one week in advance of the meeting.

 Valley Manor School Community Council Meeting Minutes

2018-2019 Meeting Minutes


2017-2018 Meeting Minutes

SCC Meeting Minutes Sept 2017

SCC Meeting Minutes Oct 2017 

November 2017 Meeting cancelled

No Meeting scheduled in December 2017

SCC Meeting Minutes Jan 2018

SCC Quad Meeting Minutes Feb 2018

SCC Meeting Agenda Mar 2018

SCC Meeting Minutes April 2018

SCC Meeting Minutes May 2018

2016-2017 Meeting Minutes



November 2016 Meeting cancelled

No Meeting scheduled in December 2016

SCC -Minutes-January 19 2017

SCC Minutes Feb 28 2017

SCC Minutes May 10 Annual General Meeting

Valley Manor School SCC AGM Report 2017

SCC Financial Report AGM 2017

2015-2016 Meeting Minutes

SCC Minutes September 2015

SCC Meeting – October 20 2015

SCC Meeting – November 17 2015

No Meeting scheduled in December 2015

SCC January 19 2016

SCC Meeting – February 13 2016

SCC Meeting – March 15 2016

SCC Meeting – April 19 2016

SCC Meeting – May 10

 2014-2015 Meeting Minutes

SCC Meeting Minutes Sept 9/14

SCC Minutes Oct 21, 2014

January 20th Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes February 24, 2015

Meeting Minutes May 12 -Annual General Meeting

2013-2014 Meeting Minutes

SCC Meeting Minutes Tues Sept 17, 2013

SCC Meeting Minutes November 19, 2013

Jan 21 2014 MINUTES

Feb 25 2014MINUTES

Apr 15 2014MINUTES

May 13 2014MINUTES    -Annual General Meeting


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